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  1. Hmmm, I'm assuming I have a different configuration for my system TEMP folder on my home computer. Since I never had this problem before. I will check to see how to change that.
  2. I've had CCleaner installed on my home XP computer for several version and over a year and I never problems, so I installed and ran Version 1.26.218 on my work computer. Unfortunately, CCleaner deleted about 12 GB of music files from my work computer and I am not having much success in recovering the files. Both at home and work, my music folder is located C:\Temp\My Music. I don't understand why my files would be deleted on one computer and not the other. Obviously, I never would have run CCleaner if I knew it was going to destroy hours and days worth of work. Plus the inconvenience of not being able to use my files. The music files were MP3 Audio files accessible by both Windows Media Player and Real Music Player. Any suggestions on how I can recover the lost files. I already tried Restoration 2.5.14 but it only found about 13 of the 1250+ files that have disappeared. Thanks, Debra
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