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  1. I was wondering....should I be running a software firewall when I have a hardware firewall. I have been getting quite a lot of viruses/worms/spyware. Is a hardware firewall protection enough?
  2. You can't install it...You just double click kompozer.exe
  3. I don't know whats wrong with my Firefox but it won't even open at all. I tried to fix a bug and it went totally wrong. So, I decided to use Flock as my browser of choice since I haven't gotten any errors. Firefox works fine on my other computer but on this computer it don't work at all. At least I am not using Internet Explorer or a clone of it......
  4. I have noticed that fan was loud in Windows and its not in Linux. I ran defraggler in Windows and my fan isn't loud anymore! I'll keep you posted though so that you guys will know if my fan is loud anymore! This is a d*** good program.
  5. Hi I run windows xp home edition and the internet is slow. I run linux on my other hard drive and the internet is faster than snot. What should i do about it?
  6. Try this. http://www.usablelabs.com/productWinGlance.html its only $8.99
  7. Hi, I need a free partition manager or maybe not. I'm not sure. My computer reads the hard drive. After I install Fedoara Core 6, it goes through the installation but says Operating System not installed. Also, when I take the other hard drive, it says hard disk failure. It says that its 0 bytes for the hard disk in windows but it formatted it correctly. I really don't know what to do...... I'm very confused.
  8. I just want Comodo Firewall and Comodo Anti-Virus found at http://comodogroup.com on Filehippo.com(CCleaner Owns Filehippo)
  9. Hello, I know for a fact that ccleaner owns filehippo and I want Comodo Firewall and Anti-Virus(Which are both Free) on Filehippo.com
  10. I use Ashampoo Magical Defrag on this computer. XP Compatiblity thingy? Where is that at? I have 44% free space.
  11. I have comcast too and its $46 a month and thats only if you have cable. I just think that Comcast is a bit expensive. $30 would be more reasonable.
  12. I'm administrator and also I have 15 gb of space left. It says that the My Music folder can't be defragmented. I used a third party defragmenter and it seems that the computer is running faster.....
  13. What does it mean when the Windows Defragmenter can't defrag the computer? I defrag the C drive and its still defragmented.
  14. Well, I am shocked. I got IE to work..... I downloaded Download Accelerator Plus and it started to work.
  15. I deleted My System Restore Partition and also, I have the latest updates....
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