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  1. Hi, How does one go about getting completely rid of porn files and clean up computer? Regards, Marc
  2. Hi all with the suggestion of Rip: In regards to your Hard Drives, I recommend that you create a new topic in this forum, where one of the experts can better assist you on that issue. Because of an issue that he said: If you haven't had any malware issues before this, it's possible your just having issues with your hard drive(s). Can you see about posting a HijackThis log, and possibly a MalwareBytes Anti-Malware scan log, as well? It might be a wise idea to back up your data in the meantime, the backups can always be scanned by anti-virus software at a later date in time. All the malware removal tools resulted in being no malware present. A bit ago I had a: Warning Event Notification Inside the box it says: SMART has detected a problem with a Hard Disk Drive. 1. Back up your data immediately. 2. Contact your Help Desk or Dell Technical Support immediately. Never heard of this. Can someone help and guide me on what and how to deal with this? Marc
  3. mpossoff

    Load time

    Hi all, On some sites specifically certain discussion forums it takes an long time to load on my pc. Take this one for instance it takes a very long time to load up. What can I do to increase the load times? Thanks, Marc
  4. Hi David. The problem I have is my cd drive is not working therefore I'm not able to insert a cd at my home pc. So for now I have to do this at work. What I want to do is to save the cd's as a mp3 file to my desk top at work. Then send the mp3 file to my email address at home. Then when I get home I can use my iPod and iTunes and therefore download the mp3's. My iPod is not configured at my work pc so I don't want to mess with it there. So what steps do I need to do? I thought that I did but the files were cds files. Marc
  5. Hi Tom, How do I rip a cd into an mp3 format? Marc
  6. mpossoff

    CDA files?

    Hi all and Happy Thanksgiving to those that live the USA. I have a question. First there is something wrong with my cd drive at home so I'm not able to play cd's currently. I wanted to download some cd's so I did it at work. Saved them and sent an email to myself with attachements. At home on my pc I can't even play them, but at work I'm able to open them and play them. The files are cda files. I want to download the cd's to my iPod. For some reason I can't. Is it possilbe I need to convert the cda's to another format so I can download them to iTunes and then to my iPod? Need some help. Marc
  7. Thanks 1984...Here's my Belarc specs.... Have it saved on my desk top but can't attach it. Marc See if this works... file:///C:/Program%20Files/Belarc/Advisor/System/tmp/(Marc-htfuojhq3j).html Marc
  8. mpossoff

    Re Booting

    Would like to know why it takes so ling for my pc to re-boot and how I can fix the problem. Also for some reason when my pc re-boots it goes to an admin window then I have to click on that window to get online. How can I avoid doing this so that my pc re-boots right to my desk top?
  9. mpossoff

    A New System

    Hi all I have a Dell system that is 5 years old. Seems to be running fine. It's a OptiPlex GX 240. Haven't done anything to it since we got it, 5 years ago. Don't want to buy a new PC. Can someone help me with that I need to do to tweek it up or upgrade it? Marc
  10. I've been trying to install the flash player but the download won't stop downloading. Marc
  11. Thanks Hazlenut just want to make sure I'm on track here.... It says to unistall Adobe Flash Player plug-in and ActiveX control T Then get Flash here: http://www.adobe.com/downloads/ Marc
  12. Hi all the icon keeps coming up that there is a windows update. I keep trying to update when icon appears and it always says that it is unsuccessful. This is what it says..... Security Update for Flash Player (KB923789) Unsuccessful. Any help? Marc
  13. Hi all just want to make sure I'm on the right track here. I have: EZ Anti-Virus AVG Anti-Spyware (Formerly Ewido) BitDefender's Online scan HiJackThis This is all I have. Don't Spybot, Adaware, Windows Defender, Spyblaster. Marc
  14. Hi folks, How do we know when there are new versions of Spybot, Spyware Blaster and Ad-Aware? Reason I ask is because although I would "update" Spybot and Spywarre Blaster I wasn't aware that there were new versions to download til it was brought to my attention. Thanks, Marc
  15. Hi folks I have MS AntiSW set to run at a certain time. Don't know if this has to do with the MS AS scan... When I get up and close the window it seems to close "slowly" almost and I say almost freezing. It closes very slow, the window. Then my pc seems to run slow for a bit. Then after a while my pc seems to start running better as I use it. Does this have to do with the MS AS scan? Marc
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