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  1. Not my primary language. Sorry What?! HUH?! Rude?! I tought it was just good feedback I guess there was so much misunderstandings, because my english and because this kind of replies (exclude hazelnut). CCleaner is definitely the best program, unfortunately some recent cleaning programs try to disturb CCleaner with their own methods. What was quite new to me. Not just small problem, i will post more details when available. So thanks hazelnut about your comment And apology to everyone who frustrated/etc because some annoying newbie people post his experience, and who learn english about 1 year ago Anyway. Merry Christmas Everyone
  2. Well, i saw that my nice post about CCleaner reputation didn't interesting you at all lmao ... But i saw that CClrener totally freeze after i launch few programs, like ErrorKiller and Registry First Aid. Do u want that big ones tell you order.... or what?! And is it so awful to say, if someone really want give nice feedback TO YOU!!!, thant u use at least: "...hey thanks glad to head you like it" or Some BS
  3. Yeah... i know that basic feedback is boring... sometimes. And definitely, when you have 10 million downloaders. But i found this program, when it was almost new (based version history). So i just want to say Thanks for Great Program! I'll spread the word ...like before!
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