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  1. Hi to All I use the default settings of Ccleaner as I am unsure how to use winapp2, I run Ccleaner for general clean and then check for issues if any are found I clean and save the reg file of items deleted. On attempting a system restore points are listed but windows is unable to restore to any of the points selected, if the deleted reg file is reinstalled, system restore still cannot restore to any of the points shown. Could it be a problem with removing the issues part of the program? I cannot try without using issues, as obviously the restore points have already been affected.
  2. Hi To All, Thank you for your responses. To pwillener your suggested forum solved the problem. By using Ccleaner and then creating a restore point, the system can be restored completely to the new point created, all other points prior to using ccleaner cannot be restored. To rridgely, using the default settings of ccleaner as from installation, having run ccleaner with these default settings, system restore points are still shown e.g system checkpoint, new software installation, application removed etc, when selecting any restore point windows attempts to restore and upon restart displ
  3. Further to my post of 13th December can someone please offer advice or help. Since my previous post I have completely reformatted and installed XPSP2 and software on my PC. On using windows system restore as in my previous post no problems restoring to an earlier time. I then installed ccleaner and yet again system cannot be restored to an earlier time regardless of which restore point I select. As this has now happened 3 times I feel sure someone must have experienced a similar problem and would appreciate any help or advice please. Regards
  4. dcd715

    System Restore

    Thank you for your response. Since your reply I have just tried the same on my laptop, e.g. restored to an earlier time with no problem, have just installed ccleaner, ran with the default settings, now cannot restore to an earlier time although restore points are showing. I would therefore respectfully suggest that ccleaner is the cause, any other ideas please? Regards
  5. dcd715

    System Restore

    Hello All Can someone advise me please, I am running XPSP2 before installing ccleaner I could restore my computer to an earlier date with no problem, after installing and running ccleaner xp shows restore points, but on attempting to restore to an earlier time, regardless of which point I select, I am advised your computer could not be restored, is this normal with ccleaner or have I missed the point? Any help would be appreciated.
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