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  1. damn it's been months since i last posted here.
  2. I am 16. Turning 17 this October 27th.
  3. ^^ btw, you could have done it as well. Just look at the numbers which is bigger/smaller since they all are dealing with kbps.
  4. I think I have the fastest download speed here
  5. Havnt been in the forums for a while...I can't wait for CCleaner 2.0 final version. Sexy interface!
  6. Ahh.. after a long time! BTW, you can also check out: www.moanmyip.com It's quite funny.
  7. Just get this script for Firefox: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/5951 It uses that SSL connection and no one can hax0r you
  8. Or you can do it: send them a file (any..maybe a picture) or tell the person to send you a file then go to run and type cmd then type netstat and boom! you got the ip.
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