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  1. User000

    Please Help!

    thanks humpty i used the telephone option, and a smart robot or soemthing answered (i say robot because no living person would be like how it was) and it responded to my voice, and gave step by step instructions and now my windows is activated
  2. User000

    Please Help!

    I finally got around to formatting my harddrive, everythings gone and i reinstalled Windows XP no problems, installed my drivers got internet up. Now the little keys in the notification area appeared, i used the register online option and entered the product key on the side of my tower, as i always have. But no matter what i do i made sure i entered it perfectly, but it says incorrect product key. What can i do? i dont want to have to format every 30 days! i have a legal copy of windows and it just wont register! help please
  3. GIMP is by far the best free image editor around, it rivals Photoshop in several areas. http://www.gimp.org/ Official main site, if you use windows and you want the exe installer go to http://gimp-win.sourceforge.net/ So many cool things have changed in this realease if you use gimp download this immdiatly.
  4. having used both, i say go for frost wire. It has everything limewire has and its better, faster downloads it is updated more frequently as well
  5. I got thinking, and the question popped into my head. In eraser you have to option to erase free space, when thinking of this i wondered how the different passes "stacked" on eachother. Say you want to erase your freespace with 40 passes as a example, would it make a difference if you sperate the erasing as 4 10 pass erases? Say you do a 10 pass psedorandom data free space erase at 4 different times would it be the same as doing one 40 pass pesodorandom data free space erase? Would it be the same level of data erasing if you did the 40 passes at 4 different times? This just popped into my head, and i always want to learn about this kind of stuff its interesting to me. Another but minor question, what do you think is better as a image viewer? XNview, or Irfanview? Thanks!
  6. I have found the perfect visual style Royale Vista 2
  7. Fire thanks for the wall paper, it matchs my Aquanox very well
  8. User000

    FLV Player

    just download vdownloader, itll conevert it to avi, theres no need to install sep software over one crappy file type.
  9. I use to use it, its a bloated POS don't bother. It takes 10 minutes to shut down and even longer to start up. It's slow as hell, and it hasnt found anything except a tracking cookie that both sas and avgas found. Don't bother, and yes you can download it you just uncheck the things on the download page, but my recommendation is don't bother. Others may feel diff.
  10. gia gui kit am ii correct? Only for mac osx? do you know of a visual style equvilant??
  11. User000

    Home pages

    I use http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/ as mine, even thought 8/10 nothing useful is given away, it's free, the day i take it off, might be the day i miss out on something really good. Besides, ive gotten some really useful give aways. Loads pretty fast, it works for me.
  12. http://www.tinypic.com is great, i switched over to it after being constantly annoyed by imageshack, i love it its lighting fast and can also host video.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone, ill keep searching .
  14. Thats not my desktop. Thanks for being on the lookout, ill be on the lookout as well .
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