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  1. damn it's been months since i last posted here.
  2. I am 16. Turning 17 this October 27th.
  3. ^^ btw, you could have done it as well. Just look at the numbers which is bigger/smaller since they all are dealing with kbps.
  4. I think I have the fastest download speed here
  5. Havnt been in the forums for a while...I can't wait for CCleaner 2.0 final version. Sexy interface!
  6. Ahh.. after a long time! BTW, you can also check out: www.moanmyip.com It's quite funny.
  7. Just get this script for Firefox: http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/5951 It uses that SSL connection and no one can hax0r you
  8. Or you can do it: send them a file (any..maybe a picture) or tell the person to send you a file then go to run and type cmd then type netstat and boom! you got the ip.
  9. "A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books - with the world's fastest internet connection." http://www.thelocal.se/7869/20070712/ That's amazing. 40Gbp/s
  10. In that video, it shows top five softwares and they mention Gaim. The name "Gaim" has changed to Pidgin
  11. Miranda is okay. I don't like it's interface even though you can customize it like Adium (mac app). I been using Gaim since 2 years .. When I was at Columbia's computer lab doing my research, I found it in their linux box. Then search it on Google and found a version for Windows and started using it. Great app.
  12. Parvez

    April Desktops

    Wooohooooo! Finally 3K pageviews! THANK YOU GUYS AND GIRLS FOR EVERYTHING. <3 Font: Calibri Preview: Wood by Psychopulse (http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/51648668/) - Modded by me
  13. I think it's time for a new thread? It's a new month? lol I been quite busy with school and SAT prep. Here is my April ss. Comments and +favs are appreciated. Thanks.
  14. What is so interesting about looking at peoples monthly desktop? What is so interesting about looking at peoples posts? lol
  15. Wow. You people suck This thread needs more picture of workstations! C'MON LAZY BUM PEOPLE!
  16. WOW!! I thought I came to the wrong forums but then I had forum.CCleaner.com saved in my bookmarks so I can't be at the wrong place Well done!!
  17. WOAhh.. that's hot. Did you customize the router's parts or something? Or it comes like that? It looks nice. I wish my router had those blue lights. I got an external HDD so i'll update picture tomorrow.
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