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  1. I also just saw the two warnings I got from you! I didn't see them earlier. I can't believe I got warnings/bans for those reasons. I was an idiot, apparently. I hope you're well, hazelnut! Much love.
  2. ...and I'm surprised to see some people I recognise still active. Hazelnut and Andavari. Been a big moment of nostalgia, haha! Take care, guys.
  3. I actually expected the description to say "Hides annoying posts related to Apple being vastly superior."
  4. Scanned the .exe It's clean.
  5. Updated and works like a charm. On a side note, I had to disable my AV to download the file you uploaded. I know its a false-positive but I thought you should know. http://ompldr.org/vN3R0aQ
  6. I couldn't replicate the problem again. It could possibly be some other program conflicting with CleanMem. It happened when I right clicked on the tray icon. It became unresponsive and I had to terminate Mini_Monitor.exe via Task Manager. My PC specs: 2.4 Ghz Core2Duo and 4.0GB RAM with Windows 7 64-bit in case you are curious. So far, so good. Nothing's going wrong. Thanks.
  7. I just came across a memory leak or whatever you want to call it. While I was installing the newly compiled setup, it asked me to exit CleanMem/MiniMonitor. Okay. I right clicked on the green icon in the Notification Area and the CPU usage shot up to 50%. I had to use Task Manager to terminate the process. Any idea? And it is much better for me now as well.
  8. Oh, I feel stupid now. Just saw all the settings. I have it set to "Blend with desktop" I love it. Shared on Facebook :-)
  9. Ah, I see it. It was 30 for me, had to change it to 15 minutes manually. I am so glad I discovered this neat program; thanks Shane. EDIT: You 'could' add an option for mild transparency to the MiniMonitor for a bit of the Aero feel.
  10. haha, agreed the button did look a bit off. I used Task Scheduler to make it run every half an hour, is it possible to have a built-in option for that? I love this little program, really makes the PC lag free.
  11. Shane, I was using version 1.7 and it had that button on the MiniMonitor which would run CleanMem when you press it. The new version doesn't have it. Is it some setting I need to configure? Thanks.
  12. Hello Shane, I just downloaded a number of tools from your website and all of them are great. Keep up the good work, mate! Respect points.
  13. Sticky this; edit the original Winapp2.ini thread.
  14. Are you guys satisfied with the latest release?
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