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  1. No response?? Have I been black-listed? Oh well, thanks anyway folks <shakes his head>
  2. I need some help with this question. What is the order of speed between A, B, C and D starting from the fastest to the slowest? I need to know because of a silly contest were having. I knew you nice people here would know the answer. Thanks. A) Download Speed: 730 kbps (91.3KB/sec transfer rate) Upload Speed: 125 kbps (15.6 KB/sec transfer rate) B} Download speed: 2635kb/s Upload speed: 792kb/s . C) Download Speed: 1584 kbps Upload Speed: 746 kbps D) Download: 6664 kbps Upload Speed: 489 kbps
  3. Amen to Anna Kournikova!! Anna used to practice here in Florida close to where I live at the Bollettieri Tennis Academy. I knew I should've taken up tennis!!
  4. I'm using firefox 2, and I was checking my email on MSN Live Hotmail and a notification at the top screen said it needed to download "Real Player Browser Record Plugin 1.0" in order to play something (probably and audio ad), and I allowed it to download it. Now I have this plugin that I'm not sure that I need. My question is should I uninstall it? And if so, how? I looked at the unistall button but it was all shaded out. Is there another way to uninstall it? Thanks EDIT: (Real Player Browser Record Plugin 1.0) It's description is "It Detects all recordable content on the browser."
  5. I would say Football is the most popular in the US. Basketball and Baseball are pretty even. Tennis and Soccer is the lowest in popularity, then of course Underwater Basket Weaving comes in dead last.
  6. Does anyone know how to make the underline of a misspelled word in firefox bolder? I can hardly see it, it's so thin. I'd like to make it a different color too.
  7. I know what you mean about Nascar, I'm not a big fan either, however, my brother loves it and watches it every weekend. Is it the race itself, or the drivers and how the race is presented you don't like about it. To me it's just plain boring. It's a redneck haven and I couldn't stand to attend one of those races..lol I'll watch it on TV on occasion, but that's it. I'll take a good football game any day of the week.
  8. My favorite sport is NFL Football, and my favorite team is The Tampa Bay Bucs.
  9. You might be stupid. A moron. An idiot. A fool. A babbling unintelligent chimp with the IQ of a sack of hammers. But if you are a good speller, then people will still think that you're smart. Along with nuclear physicists and brain surgeons, great writers are seen as being among the intellectual giants of the planet. This is partly because proper spelling involves the simultaneous use of memory, intelligence, and intense concentration, and partly because spelling is such a bitch to learn.
  10. Some people were having issues with Opera too. Their spell-checkers wern't acting properly and some pictures on the forum weren't showing up for them. I just installed Firefox and everything is working good so far.
  11. Yeah, it probably is and their making bucks with it..lol No, but seriously, someone else might have had the same idea as you and created one but I already googled it and nothing came up anyway. No big deal really.
  12. I'm sure I'll get a few more before the night is over
  13. Thanks a lot for the help Hazelnut and the links I appreciate it. I went with Firefox and having a good time I'm sure opera is great too, but I wanted to choose just one for now. This is a big difference compared to IE.
  14. Yeah, I think I'm gonna like this. I just changed the theme to Aluminium Kai 2. Looks great! How many different themes can you have?
  15. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I went ahead and downloaded the Firefox I'm using it now, and it's great! I think I'll just wait and get a little more familar with it before I change it up any. I'll probably add a different Theme first. What's the difference between a Theme and a different skin? Are they one in the same?
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