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  1. Yup, an office on the costa Del Sol would certainly be nice!
  2. Thanks for the above link. I didn't realise that clipboard is partly now cloud based but the above article shows how to clear clipboard history. If I've read the above correctly the clipboard history is only cloud based if you choose to sync across devices. On my laptop I haven't enabled that feature nor have I enabled Clipboard History. As a result there's nothing showing when I press the Windows key + v even though I've used Clipboard a few times today. At least this thread has made me aware of a potential security problem.
  3. Apologies if this is off-topic but I'm curious... I know that Avast bought Priform a couple of years ago but is Piriform still based in the UK? I've looked on wikipedia and see that Avast is a Czech based company. The Piriform management team (listed on the About Us page at this website) seem to be London based. I'd like to think that the company is still London based! As I posted, it's just curiosity that has got me wondering. It's a long time since I've visited this forum so I'm a bit out touch (I see there's still a number of posters here who I recognise from years ago, so hi!).
  4. I visited the forum to ask pretty much the same question as the original poster. I was wondering if an update to Speccy is imminent? Not that I have any hardware that the current version can't detect but I am curious if the Speccy project has been put on the back burner? I have been using the FileHippo App Manager to regularly check for updates to the various software I have on my computer but for weeks now the App Manager hasn't worked, it never connects to the FileHippo server and just times out. So now I'm having to manually check software for updates (I found one for CCleaner today).
  5. Hi Has there been any developments in resolving this issue? Unlike the old version of the FileHippo App Manager it is not possible to hide a version of a updated programme so everytime I run FileHippo I keep being offered this update even though it is already installed on my computer. I realise that there are probably more pressing matters for the devs to be working on and it's not an issue that is causing me any problems (it's easy enough to just ignore the update notification) but obviously I'd rather not see the notification. The version of FileHippo App Manager that I am usi
  6. I've updated to the latest version of Speccy (v1.32.740) but when I run the FileHippo App Manager I keep being told that my installed version is and then keep being offered the update again. I notice the new version and my installed version (according to FileHippo) have similar version numbers, the difference being the addition of 26 in the version number. which FileHippo says I have on my computer. On clicking "About" on Speccy the version number shows as v1.32.740. Is this an error in wherever Speccy stores its version number information on my computer or is it a FileHippo e
  7. Thanks to all for the suggestions re: the problem I'm having with Firefox. I've managed to get the problem sorted out on my desktop computer but can't get it sorted out on my laptop! The settings on both computers are exactly the same so I don't know why Firefox works fine on one but not the other. Very curious. What I did was to disable then re-enable Shockwave Flash on both computers. It's worked for my desktop but not the laptop... I think I might have to uninstall Firefox from the laptop and then reinstall it and hopefully that will work. Of course the next update to Firefox, due i
  8. Can anybody help me sort out a recurring problem I have with Firefox. Since the arrival of, I think it was Firefox 39 or Firefox 40, I am constantly getting a a script error on numerous websites which refers to a problem with Shockwave. It's annoying because the browser often freezes up and I must have to close down the browser upwards of a dozen times on some days. It's becoming very annoying and makes me think it's time to move on to another browser. I don't want to though as I've been using Firefox since December 2004. However all these constant updates are just seemingly wrecking what was
  9. I've also had the same problem though in my case it didn't uninstall the program (I could still launch Speccy) but W10 did uninstall the Speccy uninstaller! I just reinstalled Speccy and all seems to be working fine. Edit: Just updated my laptop this Monday evening to the new Windows 10 build and had the same problem as I had with my dekstop on Saturday evening - the Speccy uninstaller was uninstalled but the program was still running. Again I just reinstalled Speccy and all is working well again with the Speccy uninstaller now back in Programs and Features.
  10. I'm currently testing AVG 8.5 after having just upgraded from 7.5. I'm not sure if I'll stick with it, it has slowed down my computer start-up time, doubling it - the Resident Shield is causing that particular problem and it's happening on both my XP PC and Vista Laptop. There are a few other issues I have with it, mainly it making my computer slower in responding and I have the scan option disabled so that isn't the issue. For example, it slows down the speed at which icons load and there seems to be an annoying lag of a second or two when I try to do something, like trying to open a program
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