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  1. Hi NickWW, Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I could have asked about many different scenarios. As a matter fact, I have found some of my users Desktops in the Cookies folder. Stuff Happens !!! Good luck, davey
  2. Fantastic !!! I went back to that link today and it is still the top story. davey
  3. There was another user who did just that, turned off System Restore. Vista System Restore is much more useful to the user than WinXP. If you turn it off then you are taking an extreme risk on a machine that is not yours. I would not let you touch my machine just to get a pretty Defrag map. A soon as you run something then it is going to fragment all over again. Go home and turn off your System Restore and leave the other users Vista as it is. With Vista size goes up and down all the time. Let it do it's thing. Shame on you. davey
  4. Mine operates fine. davey WinXp Pro SP3 not stripped.
  5. Hello guys, @ TrueVanDal, you are correct in your statements. Vista does create System Restore points when it sees certain things happening, that are being caused by Defraggler doing it's thing. This is why after defragging you will still find System Restore files fragmented. Otherwise there would be a never ending cycle of "defrag" then Vista System Restore point ad infinitum. Vista will release the used space when it decides. @ Daniel This explains it. Best wishes, davey
  6. Hello Nick, Welcome !!! Have you used System Restore to a point prior to using CCleaner? You are the first user I have heard from to report such an event for that version of CCleaner. CCleaner does not have any option to clean this area. Favorites are normally kept at C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Favorites in WinXP. What is in your Vista related area ? davey
  7. I prefer the Out-Of-Box_Experience also. davey
  8. Hello aauser, Welcome to the forums !!! What are the options that you are using? Are you requesting "Secure delete" option? Are you requesting CCleaner to empty your Recycle Bins ? What happens if you turn this option off ? Are you using the Include option ? Tell us more about your set up, PC OS, etc. davey
  9. Hello idmoore, Welcome to the forums !!! What was the prior version of CCleaner that you were using? What is the new version of CCleaner that you are now using? You may have seen this thread but I am not sure. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...hl=IOutlookPlug Other users reported as you have but I have not seen any negative feed back after they used the solution that you used. Best wishes, davey
  10. Hi GMO8, Thanks for the answers. The Web sites I refer to are the one's related to this statement from your first post. davey
  11. Hello DeltaLima, Welcome to the forums !!! Almost all responses on the forums are going to be from other members of the forums. Sometimes the developers will make a personal response if they can. There are many Firefox users on the forums. How many use the beta version will certainly limit the number of possible responses. In most cases, Beta versions do not receive much attention due to the fact many changes can be made to a product in the Beta stage. davey P.S. I just read a reply from MrG. about beta browser versions being handled so you can be assured that they are probably working on it. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=123683
  12. Hello ctz, Welcome to the forums !!! We are glad you took the time and effort to make a suggestion. Nice suggestion but you may be unaware of this. Instead of left clicking on the entry to highlight it, just right click on the item and a little drop down menu appears.This allows you to change the current setting or to delete the item altogether. I never recommend "Delete" but the option is available. The other buttons are usable and are as the Startup list was originally designed. The new drop down menu was the result of a member suggestion similar to yours. CCleaner - Advice for New Members http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ CCleaner Beginner's Guide.com Bookmark and save to Favorites Start here with this link and follow its advice. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=105208 Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=96510 Best wishes, davey
  13. Hello Sillyme, Welcome to the forums !!! I am not aware that Recuva "automatically" deletes any files that it recovers. When using Recuva it is very important to double check all your settings. davey
  14. I don't know the answer to your situation but do you have the option set to Save all settings to INI file? davey
  15. By Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell Windows Sysinternals Get it or run it live from here. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinte...s/bb963902.aspx davey
  16. Hello pranavtulsian, Welcome to the forums !!! Unless you know what you are doing you may just want to leave these alone. CCleaner.exe program contains some embedded files . One file is called winapp.ini . This text file can be reviewed to see what applications are "looked for" and how they are "Detected". They also show what areas will be cleaned when "detected". You can download the latest version from this thread. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=121736 The files can be downloaded and unzipped for viewing. You will see some of those Applications that you have in your list. They are being "detected" because those keys still exist in your Registry. Even though you don't use Office 2003 it may show in your Applications list because you have some software from MS installed related to Excel,Word, or Powerpoint. These are there so you can view certain files. I just leave these Applications alone in the CCleaner tab. Every now and then I will see some file being cleaned related to these Applications. Other applications may be "detected" because the keys were not removed when the application was uninstalled. Unless you know what you are doing, I would just leave them alone. Good luck, davey
  17. Hi lamarcheb, Welcome !!! Using this option does result in getting large files to the inside of the disk. It will result in more fragmentation but this will allow for other files to be placed closer to the outside of the disk. Some of the functions of Defraggler should be considered "optimization" functions. This is one of them. A quick file defragmentation can clear this up. Thanks for the question. Good luck, davey
  18. davey

    Cookies skipped

    No waste of time at all. Posts such as yours provide valuable information. So does your reply, which is greatly appreciated. Thank you, davey
  19. Hi GMO8, Welcome to the forums !!! Thank you for this report. I find it very interesting for several reasons. What are these sites that you are referring to? Did you happen to use IE8 at "any" time? Do you use or have you used other Browsers? davey
  20. It may speed things up for your daily usage. It will not slow things down. What are these file names that you are calling "registry files" ? It is always safest when "defragmenting" not to be using other programs at the time. I only recommend this practice. I will not do it any other way. davey
  21. Hi somercamb, Welcome to the forums !!! Defraggler uses standard Windows APIs. It does not perform any weird and dangerous things. It will only defragment files that are safe to do so. I am glad to see that you are using the "defragment files" only method. This is the fastest way to use Defraggler. This is all most users need. Defraggler does have many options to defragment files, folders(directories), and the whole drive "Whole drive" defragmenting is needed infrequently. Many users only need "file defragmenting" and "folder defragmenting". I mainly do "file defragmenting". I check the box next to The Filename header at the top of the list and this automatically checks all the files for defragmenting. I then click on the "Defrag Checked" button. Sometimes I watch the map in amazement. Click on Help at the top and select drive map legend. This will help you understand what you are seeing happen. You may Pause or Stop the defragment at any time. You do not "have to" defragment all at one time. You can come back and do more later. Gradually all your files will be defragmented and your map will show many Light blue and Dark blue blocks. This is ideal for most users. Red blocks are normal result of daily processing. I normally "file list" defragment when I have some free time or at the end of the day but it is not necessary to do everyday. You will figure out how often is best for you. Some users rarely defragment because it does not improve their use. Defragmenting too often and cleaning too often does not improve your PC use but actually detracts from your average use. Go ahead and check all those files and Enjoy ! Good luck, davey P.S. WinXP System Restore point only backs up some system type files. Vista System Restore backs up more. I would never rely on any system utility to restore any data. If you need Backup advice (or any subject) then do some searching on the forums not the Internet. Any questions just post in Software Forum.
  22. davey


    I can see it right away. It is the first time I have seen that Image Shack format. Maybe there is a bug in it . I am using IE7 w/IE7pro. Possibly, Image Shack fixed something ? davey P.S. I use the default advanced settings in IE.
  23. Same here. I have been using just the program without any need for icons and uninstaller. After my initial use about a year ago, I realized that this is one of those tools that needs to be safely hidden away somewhere. I do the same with Recuva, Secunia PSI, FileHippo Update Checker, Regedit and some others. The other users of this PC would be doing things not in the best interest of trouble free computing. davey
  24. davey

    Cookies skipped

    Hello guys, You both are going to have to use Firefox to handle Firefox "cookies" in Firefox 3.0.4 cookies options. As far as I can tell those are what you see in the "Cookies to delete list". Internet Explorer "cookies" should be handled properly by CCleaner the same as before. Coming close to the end of the month and "maybe" a new version of CCleaner will clear this. Good luck, davey
  25. Hello Quicksilver, Welcome to the forums !!! What you want to do is put a copy of the CCleaner icon in the All Users\Desktop folder. You can right click on the CCleaner icon on your Desktop and select Copy. Then navigate to this All Users location. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop Right click on the empty space in the Window and select Paste. This will put the copy of the icon in the All Users\Desktop folder. Each icon in the All Users\Desktop folder is put onto the Desktop of all users when they log-in. The other users can then run CCleaner. If they are not an Administrator, they will not be able to do everything that an Administrator can do. CCleaner - Advice for New Members http://docs.piriform.com/ Piriform Documentation Start here with this link and follow its advice. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=105208 Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=96510 Good luck, davey P.S. This multiple user situation has many solutions. This thread is the origin of my advice to you. I know it works for WinXP Professional. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...amp;entry107696
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