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  1. Hello zapedzky, Welcome to the forums !!! Thanks for your report. Vista can be sensitive to third party software especially at start-up. I would not run any 3rd party software at system start-up on your version of Vista or you will probably lose your System Restore Points frequently. The following links will help you understand what is happening. Windows Vista, System Restore http://bertk.mvps.org/html/missingrpv.html http://bertk.mvps.org/html/vista.html Best wishes, davey Another happy Piriform member and user like you.
  2. I did the same thing prior to some of the new menus. I used The Secure Delete Checked option versus Highlighted and it works also. If I remember correctly Recuva did a 1 pass "secure delete" approximately 40,000 files. It took only around 35-40 minutes. I only do any Recuva "secure delete" now for testing purposes only. I have also used Recuva to recover deleted pictures. I have not used the "Deep Scan" feature yet. The above actions if done every now and then would make it easier to find something "accidentally deleted" since the last time it was done. I think it is good every now and then. How often depends on how often you "accidentally delete" things. davey
  3. Hello vincent, Welcome to the forums !!! Make sure that option is turned off like Hazel and Kenny advise. Also reboot after installing CCleaner. It is not always necessary but in your case I would recommend it. If the problem continues then run some malware scans. Some malware will keep CCleaner from running. If any malware is found then follow these instructions to clean infections from your PC. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=17457 Good luck, davey
  4. Hello jokerssmile, Welcome to the forums !!! Make sure that you have the option Unchecked(OFF) at Options > Advanced > Hide warning messages. Make sure that all your programs are closed, especially browsers. Some browsers are slow to actually close. Check in Task Manager to be sure they are closed. Check that all your settings on the Applications tab are still set properly. Good luck, davey
  5. Welcome to the forums, Scrabble57 !!! 1. Here is a little tip for you. Start CCleaner. After you have selected all "your" normal settings for CCleaning options and cookies and such in CCleaner, don't forget the Applications tab as well as the Windows tab. Before exiting the program, go to Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file and check that option. Now TOGGLE every option there is in CCleaner. OFF,ON,OFF. or ON,OFF,ON. This includes Registry cleaning options and all options in the Options feature. You do not "toggle" anything in the Tools feature. "Toggle" the Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file last and always leave that option Checked(turned on). Now EXIT CCleaner. Now look in the (cc)leaner.ini file at C:\Program Files\CCleaner folder and you should find a nice sorted list of all your CCleaning settings including "Cookies to Keep",Include data, and Exclude data. Copy this (cc)leaner.ini file to My Documents or anywhere other than your CCleaner folder.You can create "special cleaning" (cc)leaner.ini files and also save them. All you have to do is copy the saved (cc)leaner.ini file into the CCleaner folder to run any cleaning job. You can also keep a "special" (cc)leaner.ini file for your daughter. If you get the Registry messed up or uninstall CCleaner for some reason,you will still have all your settings saved in My Documents or other safe place to be used later. You want to do the above step every so often so you will have an up-to-date and sorted (cc)leaner.ini file . You can create backup (cc)leaner.ini file for each user. Even a "special" one to clean out the Guest user's areas. 2. Don't do this until you have done step #1. Else your daughters settings may interfere with yours and vice versa. Then do this. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=123603 Best wishes davey
  6. Hello conan, Welcome to the forums !!! You can Exclude the key by following the instructions in this link. However if you are already in the results listing of "Scan for Issues" you can right click on the entry in question and select "Open in RegEdit". Then follow the the instructions in the second paragraph onwards of the link. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=120525 This method can be used for as many entries as needed. Once you are finished then "Scan for Issues " again to check that the changes are good. I would also recommend to "toggle" the option at Options > Advanced > Save all settings to INI file. Leave the option checked. This will create a file that contains all your CCleaner settings. This file will be saved in the CCleaner folder at C:\Program Files\CCleaner . The file name is (cc)leaner.ini . Copy this file to another folder to keep a backup in case you need it. Best wishes, davey Exclude Registry Keys - Exclude Issues P.S. This thread may also be of use in your situation. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=118316
  7. Hi deathadder, Have you noticed or learned what algorithm the Windows Disk Defragmenter uses in XP ? I had originally read that the MFT defragmenting was only being used in Vista as regards MS supplied. I recently used WDD to test this and my 7 fragment MFT stayed at 7 fragments. I would not be surprised that many of those MFT fragments on my PC are all deleted files. At one time I added many files and then later deleted them. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, davey P.S. Diskeeper does as you say and I have heard rumors about another 3RD party defragger handling the MFT but I don't know for a fact.
  8. Hi Acensii, Thanks for taking the time to join the forums to let us know. Welcome to the forums !!! This is interesting as I have not heard any other reports related to "Window Size/Location Cache" Advanced cleaning options problems or differences. There certainly could be differences in Vista but I have not heard of any. Custom Files and Folders is only turned on to activate the Include option as far as I know. What difference are you referring to ? I use WinXP Pro SP3 but I would appreciate learning of any differences for Vista. davey
  9. You must also check the Advanced cleaning option at Cleaner > Windows tab > Advanced cleaning list > Custom Files and Folders . (The Include/Exclude feature was recently improved but as far as I know this option must still be checked for the Include cleaning option.) davey Hope this works for you.
  10. I understand what you mean. High-end Vista editions will create and release a lot of large System Restore related files. Vista high-end editions backup a lot more and allow for much more successful restores than XP ever could. With 1 TB I imagine that you have a top class edition of Vista. It depends on what things that you may have been doing at the time or even a for awhile beforehand. Let us know if you do discover a problem but I haven't heard of any like you describe. Of course you could be the first report. We do appreciate your taking the time to do so. davey
  11. In regards to translation, see this thread. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=18092 Mine use to be that way also, with all those MFT reserved space blocks. Try my request in the edited post above and see what happens. davey
  12. That is what happens when you put loads of data files on the volume. About 50 GB of data. Good luck Maser !!! davey P.S. Do us a little test if you don't mind. Click on Action in the tool bar > Advanced > Defrag Freespace and see what happens.
  13. Hi THLG, Welcome to the forums !!! A wise PC user that you are . Those Advanced options are just there to do some special things that MOST users do not need. Most users do not like the results. They will not improve the speed of your PC unless you do an ungodly amount of Windows Explorer usage. I won't go into details because you can "search" on each option and read. You can also get a general idea by using the Guide. See Cleaner Information topic. http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ CCleaner Beginner's Guide.com Bookmark and save to Favorites Best wishes, davey
  14. Hello Maser, Welcome to the forums !!! Thank you for your snapshots. Here is snapshot of my C drive. This is a healthy defragmented drive. I can't go into it but it must be this way. This is to show you what will happen if you actually need that MFT reserved space. You may already know that it is just an NTFS thing. That is why your recovery partition is different. I hope you can read English better than I can read Dutch. This link may help. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/174619 Thanks again, davey
  15. Hello alsk1, Welcome to the forums !!! Thanks for a good description of your system. You forgot to tell us if you are using WinXP or Vista but I am presuming that you are using Vista. With the number of defragmented files that you report, I would advise that you only need to defragment the "file list". This will be be much quicker than "defragmenting the whole drive". You have loads of unused space from what you describe. When defragmenting the whole drive, all the files are being moved to the outside of the disk and in your case it is trying to pack as much as possible. This is resulting in the movement of 80 GB of files. This can also be complicated by Vista creating System Restore files while Defraggler is running. The beginning (22%) went fast because most of these files were already packed to the outside of the disk from your initial install and use of the system.Unlike the Defraggler program, Vista defragmenter program does not try to force as much data as possible to the front of the disk. You can probably get by with only "file list" defragmentation of Defraggler for a long, long time. You do not need the "whole disk" optimization of Defraggler. Many Vista users can get by with just relying on the Vista Disk Defragmenter program to keep their drive defragmented. To defragment the "file list" click on the "File list" tab and check the box next to the Filename Header. then click on the "Defrag Checked" button. This will cause all of the fragmented files to be defragmented. Note with Vista that this could also include large System Volume Information(System Restore) files. The Vista Disk Defragmenter program does not bother to defragment these files or file fragments that are larger than 64 MB. Best wishes, davey
  16. My congratulations to all of the entrants. You sure made it difficult to decide. I wish I had more than 1 vote. Many more. davey
  17. Hello htl2001, Welcome to the forums. Thanks for your input also. Can you provide us with some more details about your system, and drives that are being defragged etc. ? The Developers need this input and it is appreciated. davey Another member and Defraggler user like you.
  18. Hi Grenadier, Welcome to the forums !!! Using a product like Defraggler is one of the few times that most users even notice what is happening with the space on their hard drives. You will see changes like this, especially if you are using Vista. This is normal. It is also normal to see a decrease in free space also. This is due to Vista using and releasing space in regards to System Restore processes and Shadow Copies. I would recommend not using any 3rd party software on Vista at system startup also. davey
  19. Vincent, Check your PMs. davey
  20. Hello Mike, I understand your enthusiasm to help your mother in law and your other friends. Remember to take the approach that you must do the preparatory steps prior to any Cleaning. You must also let them be in control of the process or they will not learn the benefits of CCleaner. CCleaner - Advice for New Members http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ CCleaner Beginner's Guide.com Bookmark and save to Favorites Start here with this link and follow its advice. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=105208 Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=96510 Best wishes, davey
  21. Hello Juanos, Welcome to the forums !!! CCleaner is not an "Uninstall" type program. It only uses the uninstall program that is provided with the software that you are trying to uninstall. This can also be done using the normal Windows Add/Remove programs feature. CCleaner's Tool > Uninstall is quicker to provide a list and also allows the user to delete corrupt entries but this Delete option should only be used after all other methods fail. It will delete the entry but it does not do any "cleaning" related to the entry. In regards to AOL I have used these two items to help eliminate most of AOL from this PC. Completely Remove AOL 9.0 or version 10 . http://www.neowin.net/forum/lofiversion/in...hp/t523319.html This one removes AOL Version 10, also known as AOL Desktop Version http://rapidshare.com/files/94994130/Remove_AOL_2.7.11.1.exe Feb 26 2008, 06:26 I experienced no problems from using these. I use WinXP Pro SP3 on this PC. Depending on the age of your PC some pieces of AOL will always remain but it will not affect your PC after using these. This is my personal experience. Good luck, davey
  22. Hello Saxon007, Welcome to the forums !!! Thanks for taking the time to search for an answer, first. I am presuming that you are talking about the Registry Issues function of CCleaner. Be aware that function scans for and assists the user in dealing with "issues" that are found in the Registry. This is not a Registry "fixer". It is an "issues" fixer. Only to the degree that the user decides to "fix" or remove found "issues". Some things that appear as "issues" are not necessarily a problem. Just an "issue" that has been identified by CCleaner. You are advised to not use this function as a one click "fixer". Each user of the PC has a file that holds Registry information related that the user. I have an Administrator account on my PC that when "issues" are scanned has no "issues" reported at all. Another account that was partially mangled by another Registry handling program always shows several "issues" that are not removed. Thank goodness, that I learned later to fix these after I understand exactly why they are reported and how to fix them. Never delete what you do not understand. Your PC will still run fine without "fixing issues". MOST users do not need to ever do this. Always check the option at Options > Advanced > Show prompt to backup registry issues. Always backup your registry and other important system files frequently. I recommend ERUNT with the AutoBackup option. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/index.htm Best wishes, davey P.S. Please provide more detailed information about this account that shuts down very quickly. I presume that you are talking about "data" cleaning for this user. Also need info about you OS edition, version and your PC.
  23. Hello yz25098uk, Welcome to the forums !!! You need to do two things. 1. Turn off the option at Cleaner > Applications tab > Multimedia > Adobe Flash Player . Many sites now use "Flash Cookies" and these are saved in special places for Adobe/Macromedia . 2. Turn off the options at Cleaner > Applications tab > (Browser 1,2 etc.) > Cookies . These will be for whatever browsers that you may use other than Internet Explorer. I will post more info about "flash cookies" and normal "Cookies" later.See these informative posts and threads by DennisD , one of our forum Moderators for more detailed information. Flash cookies DennisD http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showto...mp;#entry118779 http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=107678 Flash Cookies CCleaner - Advice for New Members Piriform Documentation Bookmark and save to Favorites docs.piriform.com Start here with this link and follow its advice. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=105208 Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=96510 Good luck, davey
  24. Thanks, Hazel. In regards to this specific topic, when I downloaded and installed Shockwave 11(couple of weeks ago at least) the Norton option was already ticked(off course). I unticked the option but the scan program was still downloaded and started to run at the next "REBOOT". I uninstalled the program using Add/Remove programs and it completed. The next time I ran Malwarebytes MBAM, it found a suspicious item in the Recycler folder. It was the Norton Security Scan program. I manually deleted it. End of that story. Just a reminder to all new users.Whenever you download software,free or otherwise, you must read every window that is presented. Read everything that is presented and Use the provided "back" or "previous" button to uncheck the options again. Some vendors use "plausible deny ability" and will "accidentally" re-select those options again. I will not mention names as many do it. It happened to me this morning. I had to use the "back" button because the option had been re-selected. The second time around the option was left as I set it. Best wishes, davey
  25. Raheem, Thank you so much for your report. Some Opera users either past or present have been reporting problems with their cookies. We were not sure where the problem was occurring. This thread seem to show that this has been a long standing problem. Some of the current Opera users are having a hard to impossible time getting this Opera "cookies file" cleaned. Please keep us up-to-date when you find future information. Thanks again, davey
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