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  1. XPprp./SP3/IE8 Installed and ran latest version of CCleaner. Instantly I had many problems with my intalled programs 1. At least 3 programs could not be opened and I had to re-install them to get them to run 2. I use Incredimail for e-mails and I "lost" all incoming e-mails. Fortunately I had backed uo all my e-mails to CD and re-instaled both the program and e-mails. 3. Cookies required to open MSN Explorer or Yahoo vanished and had to be re-validated I have now un-installed CCleaner and am disappointed
  2. I have Vista Ultimate SP1 64 bit. My experience with another defragmenter is that the System Restore Files are not defragmented and are left as a mess all over the drive Can I be assured that the latest version of defraggler is OK in this respect, please?
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