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  1. Thanks for the tip.I tried it but I still had to log-in.How about all those other .WHATEVER websites? Do I keep all the WWW.WEBSITE.WHATEVER or just the WEBSITE.WHATEVER.I know this is a simple question but requires lots of research.I will plod on with all these extra cookies in my 'cookie jar'.Where do all those deletd cookies go??? I think "forum.piriform.com". OF COURSE!!! YOU ALL ARE JUST A BUNCH OF "WILD AND CRAZY GUYS" THANKS FOR THE HELP.
  2. [OK! We all share on this forum.Don't we?
  3. If I had those chocolate chip cookies I would send them to you.
  4. I realize if you dont save your cookies it is slower to get to these web sites.Especially if you constantly clean up your history and temp internet files. I was wondering should you save only piriform.com cookie versus www.piriform.com cookie for example. Just want to thank eveyone in advance for your fine work ,help, and products. I have only been using them for a short while but due to following the forums and reading them and applying the advice my computer is running much faster and much better organized internaly.THANKS AGAIN TO ALL INVOLVED!!!
  5. OK! This is my first reply anyhere . I'm a newbie too! had the same problem. right click on volume icon in task tray and select "adjust audio properties." click on sounds tab and scroll down program events to 'empty recycle bin' and click on that. select sound in drop down menu or browse for sound stored some other frle or folder. click on arrow button to hear sound selected. click on apply to lock-in your selection. you can also do this in the control panel under sounds and audio devices icon. Good Luck
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