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  1. Ok I've changed back to Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1296 as I wasn't sure that ClamWin was scanning correctly. It kept says Trojan in a Setup.bat file. A batch file is just a set of DOS/cmd instructions it may execute a file to carry these out but I've edited the bat file and I can't see anything wrong. It did pick up on a Trojan in and old exe file I had but I never used it, its part of VB. Avast picked up on the same file but I told it to ignore. Anyway I've done a full scan with Avast its picked up a few Malware apps that ClamWin didn't even though these were in System Volume Information wh
  2. Oh I've had another change ClamWin 0.95.1. A friend of mine recommended it as he builds servers and web sites. As regards the updates its only 5 days old so it only takes a few minutes to update whereas AVG 7.5.524 took two and half hours. And its free and it works on all Windows versions. Now I had Avast! on for a few weeks but I didn't actually like the way it did things. I thought I would do a full scan not that I have any virus's because the initial screen said no scan done. It started running so I thought I would make a brew I came back and it had stopped. Now every other scan I've u
  3. Not any more I've switched to Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1296. AVG has been a pain in the backside for 6 months or more, it won't do any updates. I've tried a repair but that makes no difference I have to uninstall and reinstall then it takes two and a half hours to download the updates (dialup). I save all the previous updates and I tell it where to look but it always says there are no current updates in there. Avast took 40 minutes to update. Mind you the Avast is newer Jan 09, AVG Free Edition 7.5.524 was then last version that ran on Win98SE Apr 08. Avast isn't as easy to do the updates a
  4. I was doing a search on youtube and I came across TOP TEN ANTI-VIRUS IN 2008. There were a few videos on this subject , The best anti-virus program i have ever found (and its free), avast vs norton vs kaspersky, Avg vs avast and , there are others on there. I still use AVG 7.5 because its free thou I did have to do a reinstall over the weekend because it stopped updating again. Most videos say that Norton sucks.
  5. Well we will have to see how long AVG still supports v7.5. It was supposed to end at the end of August. Then they postponed it the end of September because they wanted users to use v8.0. I've just installed the latest update today so support is still there, I haven't checked the AVG forum to see if its been postponed again. I've downloaded Avast! Home Edition 4.8.1229 and AntiVir Personal, so when support stops I will have to try out both versions to see which one suits, not at the same time.
  6. Yes I've done a web search and its for WinNT only but I still wouldn't bother using it.
  7. I've never heard of Sandboxie Anthony.
  8. Your brave or stu*** if you surf the web.
  9. I know that its at the bottom of wikipedia.org I was just quoting Davey link. As I've said this test text is nothing new I read it in the McAfee help file 7 years ago.
  10. I know I've posted in the old topic but I'll quote it in here. Now I checked out AntiVir today at it appears its only for WinNT systems so that one is out. Now I also posted in the old topic that AVG were stopping support and updates for 7.5 at the end of August. Now they have decided to postponed the demise of 7.5. http://freeforum.avg.com/read.php?1,146520,backpage=,sv= until more users start using v8.0 Now I read a post on here this lunchtime Why use Defraggler? and davey posted a link to http://donnedwards.openaccess.co.za/search/label/Thumbs%20Up which talks about
  11. Welcome to Piriform Philip. Are you running ZoneAlarm? I've heard today that if you have ZoneAlarm installed and you do a Windows update you could loose your internet connection. Are you using Internet Explorer or another browser? Check Control Panel - Internet Options - Connection and make sure your ISP is still listed. I believe you have to change the Internet Zone Security permission slider to medium. This is the advice given by ISP's to get around this problem. There are conficts with Windows updates and ZoneAlarm. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=1
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