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  1. Just installed the Slim 5.26 and did a scan on the Win 7 and it was still very slow doing the delete of IE History. I'll have to see if any change when I install the 5.26 on my Win 10 and then run a scan. What is wrong with CC and downloading 5.26 on Win 10? Each time I click on the download Slim version, it takes me back to the page to indicate which of the three I want. I click on Slim and then it goes to download page, when I click on Download, it takes me back to the previous page. Over and over again!!! P.S. My neighbors are using different cleaners and say they are having no problems with their cleaners and IE. Wonder why it is just CC having the IE problem?
  2. Is that the Tools/Internet Options at top of IE and then Browser History Delete on General Tab? I've done that but when I do run CC, it still shows files in IE History. If I deleted, why would it still show in CC scan?
  3. I've always used the SLIM version on my Win 7 and now on my Win 10. I now have 525 version on both of these computers, but the CCleaner is performing very slow on both (on the Win 10 as I mentioned in my first post) and now in the Win 7 it keeps delaying on IE History. And then it will state "IE skipped," and then I will find it hard to open IE again unless I reboot. And so it is causing me a lot of wasted time and energy. And at my age (81) I don't have much extra of either. What has happened to CCleaner during past few months? After many, many years of use, I think I will have to look for another 'cleaner.' (What is difference between Slim and Installer, and others? I am not computer knowledgeable and that is why I have always used the Slim version.)
  4. I've just done a scan and clean on my Win 10. It supposedly cleaned IE, but then when I went back to do another scan, it showed the IE files were still there. I then went into Control Panel and deleted history in IE and went back and did another CCleaner scan and it showed the same files in IE. How do I get rid of the IE history files, which CC doesn't seem to be deleting?
  5. Before I run CC I have closed all my IE, FF, etc. and all my apps have been closed. Nothing is open. Am I the only one with this problem?
  6. I just installed CC ver 525 on my Win 10 laptop. I ran a scan and it said it listed files to be removed including 5MB for IE temp internet files. When it finished it said files were deleted. I ran scan again and the IE history 5MB temporary internet files were still there. What is going on with IE these past few months? I have been using CC for many, many years and never a problem and now it seems there have been problems with the past several updated versions and IE temp internet files.. I am so confused I don't know what to do now.
  7. This is happening on my Win 7. Seems to run faster on my Vista though. Guess many CC users are a bit "baffled" by the IE issue and the time it takes to check or delete the files, etc..
  8. I guess you will be continuing to run 5.24 on your mother's Win10, even though it is taking longer on the IE history? Actually mine is taking longer on my Win7 and not so long on my Win10. Go figure (what is going on)? Guess everyone will just keep using the v5.24. Just a bit frustrating for me. Haven't tried my Vista yet.
  9. Thanks. Yes, I did mean v5.24. Sorry. Sad to say I am still confused. #1- If I had answered "Yes," (as I think I might have in the past) would that have caused a problem? Even though IE was NOT open? #2- And if I see that "Internet Explorer needs to be closed to continue on...." in the future, AND IE is not open, the best thing to do would be for me to just click on NO and let CC do it's thing? #3- Why is it showing "Internet Explorer needs to be closed to continue on..." when IE isn't open? #4- Would you know why 'all' these 'problems' are popping up recently? As I mentioned, I've been using CC for maybe 20 years (?) or longer and never had any problems. P.S. It still seems to be taking longer to do the 'checking' of IE Internet History than it did in 5.22. 5.22 flew right though it but this 5.24 stays on the checking IE Internet History for several seconds, at least. Apologies for all the questions but just want to make sure I am not doing anything wrong and that I do have a 110% workable CCleaner on this Win7 machine. At my age now, I don't need any more problems as I got enough of them already.
  10. Just now I am having a different problem with 525. I do not have IE open and yet when I run CC I get I reinstalled 524 and still the same problem. Why is this happening all of a sudden? This is getting me upset with CC recently because I have been using it for many, many years without any problems.
  11. Thanks Sorry, but I do not know what "to see these files, run CC with the /export switch" means. Can I just let everything remain "as is?" If the Chrome is still showing (and there might be a remnant of Chrome still on this Win7) that will not be a problem, will it?
  12. Thanks. Why is it when I click on Applications it still show Chrome? Even though I uninstalled Chrome some months ago!
  13. I have IE installed but I rarely use it even though CC keeps reporting it when I run CC before i close down my Win 7. You say to untick IE history cleaning option. Where is that? I don't see it it the CC. I see FF mentioned, which I use, and it shows Chrome which I uninstalled some time ago.
  14. But 524 is taking as long as 523 to delete "Internet Explorer - History," (regardless of size). (522 was much quicker.) Win 7 / 64 bit.
  15. I've gone back to 522 again and it seems to work faster than 523 and 524.
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