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  1. AliceZ

    New Version

    When will the new CC SLIM version 5.04.5151 ibe available?
  2. Has anyone noticed that the 'new' update for CC is the same number as the previous one? 5.02.5101 Or is it just me?
  3. AliceZ

    CC 419

    I did as I always did. I just clicked on the CC lower right of screen where it says " check for updates" and it updated to the newest edition. But when I looked in the Options/Cookies, the cookies to keep were missing. I have always been using the CC slim for the longest time.
  4. AliceZ

    CC 419

    I just installed CC 419 (free slim) and it appears to have deleted all my saved favorites. I had to re-input all my bank info, etc. Did this happen to anyone else?
  5. AliceZ

    WinXP CC 418

    What do you mean by "try to use different web browser?" I've always opened CC and then clicked on bottom right of page where it says "check for updates." I was then taken to a web page where I could download the latest Slim version, if there was one available. When I try it with my WinXP I go to the web page, it only lists Installer and Portable, but no Slim for version 418..
  6. AliceZ

    WinXP CC 418

    I've always downloaded Slim version for my WinXP. Today I tried to download the 418 CC and I didn't see any Slim version. Isn't Slim issued any longer for WinXP?
  7. AliceZ

    CC 418

    Many thanks for your help.
  8. AliceZ

    CC 418

    No, I do not see it when I open the 'hidden' icons. Also, not in Windows Task Manager / Applications.
  9. AliceZ

    CC 418

    The CC icon in lower right of the screen has disappeared. I presume that indicates the CC monitoring is no longer 'running in background.'
  10. AliceZ

    CC 418

    I understand but I just wanted to know "How I would I know if the monitoring has stopped (been disabled) and is not continuously running in the background?" After doing what Hazelnut suggested,
  11. AliceZ

    CC 418

    How I would I know if the monitoring has stopped (been disabled) and is not continuously running in the background? I use the Slim version.
  12. AliceZ

    CC 418

    I just downloaded/installed CCleaner 418 and got a pop-up stating the following: "CCleaner is now monitoring your computer and will let you know when it needs cleaning." How do I disable this feature on the Slim version 418?
  13. I went to the CC download page, but usually in the past I was given a choice of selecting the slim/portable download. This time I did not see the choice on the newly designed page. How can I download the 'slim' version? Long time user
  14. AliceZ

    Slim version

    When will the Slim version update be released?
  15. AliceZ

    New Update

    Does CCleaner (free) have an automatic updater? In my previous post, kroozer said: "If you already have the slim version you'll get the slim update. If not, just untick both options." I wonder what kroozer meant by "if you already have the slim version, you'll get the slim update." How would that happen? Also, kroozer said "If not, just untick both options." Untick what both/two options? I am not that computer savy. I tried to post this question on that thread but it had already been closed. P.S.. Yes, thank you all, I know where to get the "Slim" version when it is released.
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