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  1. Oh I plan on it. I don't have much on it at all but I was thinking of restoring to factory settings just to wipe everything out.
  2. Haha absolutely! But with me it will go back to evil eventually. Oh definitely. I always tell him to get them when he buys electronics. I bought one for my TV...which I still need to see about replacing since it's gone stupid too. lol Electronics and I do not mesh well at all haha
  3. Well my brother found the extended warranty papers. Looks like it may be a full replacement type of deal so that's what I'll be doing. If it has to be repaired, that's covered with the warranty as well. So either way I should be good. Thanks everyone for your help!
  4. I found an HDMI and tried it. The picture on the TV was great. So I guess it's the screen or it's connection. Just once more reason why I hate laptops LOL I've had it for almost two years but don't use it often at all..maybe once a week...sometimes just once or twice a month. It definitely does not get heavy usage, so this issue has definitely pissed me off to some degree.
  5. Gave it the ol' college try and it didn't work. But thanks!
  6. Actually there are. A friend in Maryland has one. It's similar to this. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/aoc-15-6-widescreen-flat-panel-usb-powered-portable-led-monitor-piano-black/3698548.p?id=1218428680308&skuId=3698548
  7. Ummm not sure. Probably not since I'm sure it requires a cable I don't have lol But I'll check. I'm gonna give that a go!
  8. That's exactly what I was hoping to avoid. lol My brother thinks he got the extended warranty on it when he bought it for me so if he can find the paperwork for that, I may just go that route. But if he didn't, then I'll definitely give that a shot. Yeah no one has a monitor that I can use. We all have the very old ones because everyone basically jumped ship to a laptop. As far as interference, nope. I store it under my bed so it's out of harm's way and when I use it, it's while sitting on my bed or on the couch and it sits on a wooden TV tray thing.
  9. I don't have it set to auto-update so I don't think that would be the issue. But maybe something downloaded anyway? Well what I meant was I don't have an external laptop compatible with the connections on my laptop. The monitor I have is about 10 years old, maybe older soo....lol Finally got to check this issue in Safe Mode and the colors are messed up. Does anyone think that maybe this is because I haven't upgraded to 8.1 yet? What about just checking for a graphics update? Or does this just wreak of a hardware issue?
  10. The monitor I have isn't USB so I can't try that, unfortunately. Haven't tried safe mode but will do so shortly. No graphics updates. Hinges are great. As tight as the day I took this sucker out of the box. And it's always opened from the center of the screen. I couldn't open it from the corner even if I wanted to because it just won't budge that way lol
  11. So I'm not sure if this is a software problem or a hardware problem. I used my laptop two days ago and everything was fine. Tonight I turn it on and there's a blue-green color that's taken over most areas that should be white. I tried shutting it down, letting it sit for a few minutes and turning it back on but it didn't seem to fix the problem. I'm not really sure what to do at this point. Any ideas from anyone out there? It's really giving me a major headache having to look at this.
  12. LuLu

    April Desktop

    HAHA well it probably is a bit of a dirty mind. And I have one sooo... Leave it to me to say something LOL
  13. LuLu

    April Desktop

    Not sure if I've used this one or not...
  14. LuLu

    April Desktop

    I'm not going to say what I thought this was at first glance. haha
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