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  1. A great idea so here is my effort/story I also will own up to being a "petrol head" and a "Ute" lover.............a "pickup" to some folk, and mine was Red in colour. For those down under in Aus. it was a reasonably hot 1964 EH Ute followed by a similar coloured quick EH Panel Van. Which used to run mid 14 sec's over the quarter mile..............Ah those were the days which I can barely remember.
  2. I have just removed McAfee Total Protection 2015 as it slowed both my PC's greatly, tried suggestions from their support, several configurations to no avail on both Win 7 32bit and Win 8.1 64bit. I now consider that I have wasted my money, teaches me to "trial" the software in furure which is what I am now doing with "Webroot SecureAnywhere Ver." as recomended by my Bank
  3. I've just ordered McAfee Total Protection 2015 - comes with 3 user Licence.
  4. I heard that Login123..............I am guessing that down here it would be at 45? as those who know me maintain that I have unusual "slant" on life. Seriously, if I get time over the Easter break I may just try it myself however I am well happy with the last Ubuntu I built several months ago running solo on a 6 year old P4 with heaps of grunt, damm thing fly's like a bird. Happy and Safe Easter to all.
  5. I am using Avast on: 1 x Wind 7 1 x Windows XP Pro MacAfee Enterprise on: 1 x XP Pro Plus I am told I do not need AV software for Ubuntu?????? hope that's correct, does anyone know any different.
  6. DennisD I am using FastStone Capture on a daily basis now and find it much better and easier to use that my previous method (used for many years) as I create screen grabs for instruction manuals. Having the ability to edit / watermark / caption etc. then drop into Adobe Acrobat or MS Word documents being created is excellent, so I wish to thank you once again and recommend this little gem to anyone that has other uses for screen capture software other than message board / posting use. PS: it allows me to enjoy more of these images from my deck overlooking the river whilst enjoying som
  7. Thanks DennisD for the information and recommendation to the software "Faststone" (easy to use) and the image hosting site Image Speech (down for maintenance but I was able to register and upload).
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