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  1. As I've always said one is never to old to learn............well razz, many thanks for the two on demand malware scan software ZAM & SAS which I've not heard of. I supose one gets set in one's ways and just keeps rolling along. So I shall take a look at these two apps as one can always add to one's layerd security. So thanks Cobber.
  2. Amazing what these little "chips" can achieve In the Camera battery world, Canon (I used to work for them) installed a chip in their battery chargers that reconised one's attempt to recharge a "Non Geniune battery" and simply "would not charge"...............I found out the hard way DER!
  3. Depending upon our background, training and personale experiences I'm sure we all do some things the same, some different and some nothing at all. Hope the later does not refer to any forum members. In my case and being honest about it, loosing some financial data once and back in the old IDE HDD days ending up with a "book-end" HDD from a virus, that's what Western Digital told me I do the following regarding backup & data protection for the last few years rightly or not. Always running & run daily: CCleaner runs on start up, Malwarebytes anti-malware (home) Premium scan daily and monitoring, Webroot Secure anywhere (e-mail, malware, password protection, web, realtime & firewall etc. protection), defragler run monthly on SATA drives (adised not to run on SSD) and Macrium Reflect run daily @ 11.00am (backup Drive C completely - 7 daily backups kept at all times (Drive C contains the OS, apps & financial data only, all other data kept on 3 additional drives - backed up to seperate networked PC monthly). Spywareblaster along with EEK emergency kit is run monthly from a USB stick. Additionally my VPN is always turned on. Whilst the above may be considered over the top by some, having to run a business and rebuild lost data from hard copy records, a task I wish never to repeat again. I remain on the lookout for other worthy recommended software to add or replace any of my proctection software. I also appreciate any advice offered.
  4. Well we have just past the half-way mark of 2017 and 2018 is just around the corner. That observation has nothing to do with the fact that it's time folks for your July desktop. So share with us your new desktop if you change yours every month, if not show us anyway. My desktop reminds me just how close I managed to get when photographing a Golden Silk Orb and her Mate collecting & storing food...............the Mate, her hubby has no idea what's in store for him eventually.
  5. Wow Dennis great movie shots. A cobber of mine from Canberra takes himself there every 4 years, lucky bigger. Regards Tasgandy Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  6. Almost at the half-way mark of 2017. I've really burried myself into my re visited photographic bent. My desktop shows off my two old 35mm film cameras which I've started using alongside the Digital one's. These 2 Olympus beauties (OM-2n MD) were introduced around 1978 / 1979.........so there about 39 years of age, not as old as me..................and I think there in better condition than I am. Anyhow I won't bore you all anymore with my "back to the ole analouge days" camera trip of mine but perhaps you might like to share your hobby desktop here, that is other than all our first bent.......the PC Hazelnut did you take that photo? looks like a very peacfull spot
  7. What a great Macro Photograph Tirum, I hope to take photo's just like that with one of my "Ole" film Cameras. My May desktop is of the 1979 - 1984 manufactured Olympus OM-2n MD a 35mm film camera. Whilst this one is not mine, it is exactly what I've just purchased and am eagly awaiting it's delivery. "Ole bloke Ole cameras".............Tas
  8. I agree with ROCKNROLL with respect of Kodi, I use it on my Nexu 7 tablet for movies , several PC's for movies and a Android Google TV media player on my network playing music & TV seies/movies on my TV via the network (CAT6) and free movies via the net also on my TV. KODKI (XBMC) has been around a long time and I have forund itr to be very stable on all my devices over the last 4 years. BTW it's also free. PS: KODI is also very configurable plus runs on most OS's - not sure about OSX but runs well on Linux
  9. Well Razz my "two penneth worth" as a user of MS Office Pro & LibreOffice (previously I used OPen Office before the creation of LibreOffice) I find that for both personal & part time business use I tend to use LibreOffice for word processing & spreedshet work and MS Office for Powerpoint. One thing of note is that LibreOffice provides regular updates, Curently my Ver is Other than much cheaper than MS Office which would cost me heaps to upgrade from 2003 to current LibreOffice is cross platform compliant, open source, works well on Windows, Mac OSX & Linux. PS: I just looked and found that I also still have Open Office Ver 4.1.1 installed on my PC........go figure.
  10. Neither Craig it is "NBN fixed wireless" go to: http://www.nbnco.com.au/learn-about-the-nbn/network-technology/fixed-wireless-explained.html for a correct explanation. There are two areas that the NBN fixed wireless are being tested at present. My speed is excellent and adequate (25/5) compared to 3G which I was using. A fixed wireless connection is typically used in circumstances where the distance between premises can be many kilometres. In this circumstance data travels from a transmission tower located as much as 14kms from a premises to a rooftop antenna that has been fitted by an approved nbn™ Installer. In my case I use Aussie Broadband at a cost of $60.00 per month with a DL limit of 500gig / month. So no complaints from me. Fixed wireless is supposed to be provided to that 10-15% of Australia that will not get the so-called normal "NBN". Re Andriod for PC I've not every bothered to trial it but I do know one can actually purchase Laptops that run a Andriod OS. Whilst I do not know anyone that has one I'm sure based on my satisfactory use of Android 6.0 on my Nexus 7 can see no reason that using it on a PC would not be OK either via USB or Dual booting. Good luck, I would be interested to know how you go with it.
  11. Hang in there Craig, I like you am located in the Sth West of Vic (Grampians) but have access to "fixed wireless" which is excellent so hopefully it will be in your area soon, although I'm not sure where you are. Not sure what file format your movies are but I run Kodi_XBMC (free download) on my Nexus 7 Android 6.0 tablet which works well for movies which I use when 4 x 4 wandering, movies stored on a USB hard drive connected via "OTG" connecter cable. Hope the above may assist, let me know.
  12. Well trium if there was a 1st prize to be awarded you've just won it..........an excellent desktop to be sure, the best I can do is to "take my hat off" and I actually do have one at present. Happy Easter to all from "down under" here in Aus.
  13. Dennis, by the look of it how true......................a deep message buried there.
  14. Double Wow, I've never heard or seen anything like that.........why the hell would some one want to even build such a thing? It's definitely a cruel world at times. So I've passed this info on.............so many thanks Andavari for the heads up.
  15. Whilst I did not snap this photograph and I've recently gone back to black & white 35mm film photography I hope to take pic's like this one..................that is my April desktop image. So folks time for all to submit your April desktop
  16. My March effort gives you an idea as to one of my favourite TV series
  17. Very very close Cobber.................but pears do grow on trees!!
  18. Well Folks we only have 11 more opportunities to show us your monthly desktop before we run into 2018. So gather up all those favourite desktop images you've been hiding and share we us all. My choice is a pic that I took one day whilst driving home, I call it "Gum tree colours" . This is a local road I drive on several times a week just some 5 minutes from my front door.
  19. Well it's now the 13th day of 2017 (down under in Aus. that is) and what a lack luster response from forum members.............maybe everyone's on holidays, yes that's it, I am sure we will see a bunch of desktops towards the end of January. So I've changed my desktop for this month to show off one of my attempts of some Macro photography.
  20. Nice...............6 minutes & 36 seconds well spent............Thanks & Auld Lang Syne
  21. Tasgandy

    Welcome 2017

    Goodbye to 2016 for those who wish to forget and welcome in to the BIG 2017...................may it be your year.................Happy New Year to all
  22. Well done DennisD you certainly did beat me to the line............congratulations. Ah beaten by a Gentleman.....he's in bed now perhaps as it's now 1.20am over there They say the fireworks on Sydney Harbour is one of the best...........take a look folks and a Big Happy New Year to all.
  23. I do hope all had a very Merry Christmas (belated wishes allowed..........I think!) and I wish all Members and Visitors to this little haven of sanity and friendliness "HAPPY NEW YEAR" for 2017..............so welcome to all 2017 is just around the corner.
  24. Nice and friendly little Puppy............a Cutie my Daughter would say. As she is a cat lover this one is for her and all those lovers of cats out there.............mmm.............dinner
  25. Down under here in Aus our two BIG general supermarkets are Woolworth & Coles supermarkets....................there every where. Yeah we do have others like ALDI & IGA etc. but these two giants are a household name so there are plenty of jokes around. Heard one the other day..............very short: "The woolies store nearby me the other day burnt down............................Now it's Coles"
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