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  1. I like and use Belarc Advisor also. In SIW we have a standalone program that provides real time information on much more than what Belarc Advisor provides. I would give up many other tools before I had to give up SIW. davey P.S. Kenny, you probably want to use just SIW itself as listed on the left hand side of this page. Also check out the differeces in versions. http://www.gtopala.com/siw-download.html
  2. Every experienced member on the forums knows the extreme value of this freeware program. If you don't have it, then get it. davey Tuesday, December 16, 2008 SIW 2008-12-16 is available SIW System Information for Windows Everything you want to know about your system. Various builds available. Warning Like other freeware providers there is a Tool Bar that is defaulted to install unless you UNCHECK the box. It is a separate window that presents the Tool Bar offer and you must UNCHECK the box. I downloaded the full install version where this option was presented during the install process. I do not know about the other builds. Added Tools ==> "Wake on LAN" Module see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wake-on-LAN Support for AMD Phenom II processor. Support for the latest Intel Core 2 models. Faster startup. Sensors Info in Reports. Minor improvements. Bug fixes. Old Version of SIW (Win95) Available from Download page (at bottom)
  3. Hello cdleo, Welcome back to the forums !!! I can not tell if you are talking about Internet Explorer or Windows Explorer. Look in the Guide at Cleaner Information. I think you want to turn of either Last Download Location in Internet Explorer list on Windows tab or Other Explorer MRUs in Windows Explorer list on Windows tab. (I think this is what you may be describing.) You may also want to uncheck *More Windows Explorer in the Windows list on the Application tab. This is only present if you are using a winapp2.ini file. http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ CCleaner Beginner's Guide.com Bookmark and save to Favorites Good luck, davey P.S. I just tested this option and this may help. With this option set and a Windows Explorer folder open, I logged off and logged back on. Windows Explorer opened at the previous Folder Window. I did not change any CCleaner options. I hope this helps. I may be misinterpreting what you want,if so let us know. Please explain in more detail these types of documents that are being copied or saved. Do they relate to a certain application ?
  4. A hard earned and well deserved award. Congrats. davey
  5. Beautiful trees, yes!!! The nicest trees I saw in Florida, Christmas 2006, were outside, all decorated including the coconuts. davey
  6. 61 years young next week. I remember the news, entertainment, the whole outside world came through the huge speaker on the front of my Grandmother's full height Kolster Radio cabinet. Singing and playing the stand up piano, songs like "Winter Wonderland" and "White Christmas". Playing 33, 45, and 78 RPM records. Bread and all dairy products delivered to the back door. Door to door "salesman" at the front door, along with the newspaper at the front door and mail through the mail slot. The sounds of the streetcars going uphill and downhill two blocks away. Knowing the first and last name of every neighbor on the block. The back alley as a safe place to play. Real heroes that did no wrong or they weren't heroes. Milk, all drinks of all sizes in recycled glass bottles. Technology has changed for the better but some other things have been lost. I hope and pray, not forever. davey Yes, life was simpler then.
  7. Hello Ztruker, Welcome to the forums !!! Glad to have you aboard. I see that you are a very satisfied Defraggler user. So am I. I have not had a problem with any version of Defraggler and I have been using it for over 1 year. Like you I have used it WinXP Pro and Home editions. The situation depends on the user and his setup etc. We have many happy 2000 Server and 2003 Server users. The user that had this problem can only be helped at the time of the problem. However in his case, the system crashed and he did not want to risk using Defraggler again. The problem may or may not have been caused directly by Defraggler. He probably should just use Dfrgntfs.exe and be happy with the results. The problem that occurred for him has made him "gun shy" and you can not blame him. Defraggler could be run again in Debug mode but I am sure that he would not want to try it. Best wishes, davey
  8. With so many Hot fixes coming out ,I would not use the Hot Uninstall cleaning option. You will not be able to uninstall a Hot fix that does not work for you. I have not had to uninstall a Hot fix yet but I have only been applying Hot fixes for the past year. Others may have more information about the need to uninstall a Hot fix. Best wishes, davey
  9. Hi Etsukiordaa, Welcome to the forums !!! Defraggler will defragment the whole drive and move things towards the outside of the disk. Defraggler will defragment files if you use the File list tab and check the box near filename header. This will defragment each file just as fast or faster than Auslogics defrag program. Defraggler will defragment all the files that are checked in the list. Defragmenting the whole drive is not necessary so often for most users. I only defragment files in the files list and my PC is just as fast . I have not "needed" to do whole drive defrag. I have done whole disk defrag for testing purposes but normal use quickly removes any optimization benefits of the whole drive defrag. Good luck, davey P.S. I recently Defraggled 35 GB of files in about 20 mins. Your speed may vary.
  10. Stewcat, Welcome to the forums!!! I had this problem in the past with a few software products. One I think was being caused by Host files updates software. It was failing to turn the firewall back on when finished or aborted. I also sometimes get the firewall warning due to the fact that my limited 256 MB RAM won't allow Avast to turn it on or the firewall does not turn on before the Internet Connection software loads. Doesn't happen too frequently but it does happen. Of course, you will take the advice to get your PC checked out for malware first. Removal of a Root Kit and a Key Logger about a year ago plus WinXp Dial-a-fix program to reinstall Windows Firewall and Microsoft Automatic Updates did the trick then. davey
  11. Hello Newboy, Welcome to the forums !!! and thanks for the report and question. Is there something in Vista causing this, is the answer to the question. You knew the answer all along. The difference is the difference in disk defragmentation algorithms between XP and Vista and Defraggler. XP defragger won't force files toward the front of the disk and defrags all files. Vista defragger is similar and it also defrags in place if possible. It also will not bother defragging certain files or fragments larger than 64 MB. Defraggler is defragging almost everything and moving everything to the front of the drive if you doing "Defrag Drive". All this takes considerable time and work plus Vista will be creating new restore points and possibly large ones as Defraggler does it's thing. Using Defraggler on Vista for now is best done for "file list" only. Other options will take much longer times. Good luck, davey
  12. Hello luxfarah, Welcome. Have you tried restoring the Registry Issues if you use that function ? Have you tried a System Restore to a time prior to the problem ? Sometimes this is the quickest and best thing to do. davey
  13. Hello tracker, Welcome to the forums !!! Yes, that is what they are saying. Registry Issues requires the presence of someone to decide what should be or not be removed. davey
  14. Hi Steve, Welcome to the forums !!! You have two problems to clear up. The second problem is unfortunately bad news. 1. Use the links at the end of this post to help you decide what to do about "Autocomplete Form History " , "Cookies" and "Flash Cookies" and CCleaner itself. 2. From what you describe, you may have malware or the remnants of it on your computer. You need Expert help. Go to this link immediately and follow its instructions. Do not do any more cleaning or installing until you get your PC cleaned of malware and verified by our experts. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=17457 Do step 2 FIRST. It is that important to your security. Good luck, davey http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ CCleaner Beginner's Guide.com Bookmark and save to Favorites New members Advice for CCleaner Start here with this link and follow its advice. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=105208 Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=96510
  15. Got a thumbnail of it. Defraggler and JkDefrag ? When I tested Defraggler last time for Defrag Free Space it created one huge space at the end of my disk You may need to turn off Hibernate. Run the Defraggler etc. Then turn Hibernate back on. Do you really need a totally empty space and why ? Do you have any other unmovable files ? You aren't talking about the MFT reserved space are you ? I may have overlooked something, myself. Are you using Vista ? davey
  16. Hello Starz, Welcome to the Piriform Forums !!! Try this link to uninstall Yahoo Toolbar in IE. http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/toolbar/t...toolbar-08.html How do I remove Yahoo! Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox? http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/toolbar/t...toolbar-55.html Good luck, davey
  17. Hi Frank, Welcome to the forums !!! Yes, Defraggler is still not perfect but it is getting there. I know what you describe. It sounds like you are experienced and advanced enough to try JkDefrag. It is freeware and will do what you need . You might also consider Partitioning as part of your plan. You may already be in that process. See this thread about defragging. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=100492 This thread on Partitions. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=3571 Good luck, davey
  18. Hello again, Mr rridgely has been helping people for years and his advice is always very good. Take his advice seriously and do your best to answer his questions. Thank you for the information. It helps us to help you better. You have done very well in giving us a good description as to what is going on. I have used a PC very similar setup as yours except I have no experience with the "Recovery" partition. What is the old user name that you all used before this problem ? Can you still use that user account ? Can you tell us more about that ? We want to get that user account working again. I feel that there is just a few things like settings to reset and you will be able to access most if not all of your programs and files. Go into your Control Panel > User Accounts and make sure that each user is assigned as an Administrator. You can change this later to limit certain users but you are going to need to do this to test everything again after you do this. Test again using each account and see what is possible. Do not do any cleaning or deleting of anything for now. I will get back with you later after you try everything again. davey
  19. davey


    Hi Miles, Try running the Windows Defragmenter on that logical Drive E. We will see from there. davey P.S. What is the size of that Physical Hard Drive ?
  20. Like many products Defraggler was released and many new options were added since then. Piriform is very small but very productive. Historically speaking regarding any developer, many software products develop faster than the documentation. Thankfully(hopefully), that void will be filled soon. davey I am another user and member just like you. The words are mine.
  21. Hello darkredflame, Welcome to the forums !!! I don't use Firefox but on the Applications tab do you have the cookies checked for Firefox ? Also check Firefox for any options set that protects those cookies. The last I have read about here is that Firefox 3.0.4 is using special "cookie" files and must be managed in Firefox. Please let me know so I can help others. Thanks , davey
  22. Hello Darkwarzx, You need to use this thread and submit the Defrag debug report. Defraggler debug mode, What it is and how to use it... http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=12840 Thanks in advance for submitting your "debug" report. Good luck, davey
  23. Hello gersondona, Welcome to the Piriform Forums !!! I am not an experienced user of Recuva in all it's various uses. However, it does have many options and features. If Recuva starts at the Wizard screen, click on "Cancel". This should bring you to the main Recuva screen. When you get to the main screen, I suggest that you check out these Options. The last Scanning action may work for you. But try them all. Let us know. You may need "advanced" assistance to recreate the "Boot sector" on your hard drive. Of course now I realize that you may not be trying to recover from an actual Hard Drive. Do you only get this message when using "Recuva" ? What device are you trying to recover from ? Tell us what happened to cause you to "recuva" this file. Good luck, davey
  24. I think there are also many security reasons involved but only "The Shadow" knows. Timeless words from 70 years ago. Applicable today ? Of course !!! (Sorry, no Ad Blocker available then.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJR8AG0h8WY&NR=1 Nothing beats the "Imagination exercise" of radio. Enjoy. davey
  25. I thoroughly agree with you. davey
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