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  1. I'm the only user on this account and I don't use the Internet Explorer 7 options to delete cookies etc., as you mentioned above. As for the 2nd screen above that you mention, I don't have it checked. But it wouldn't make any difference in this case because CCleaner deletes my passwords and Userids when I check the option to clean Index.dat on the CCleaner Internet screen but everything is ok (i.e. my passwords and Userids don't get deleted) if I leave the Index.dat option unchecked. So it must be that option (Index.dat) that is deleting my passwords and Userids. I notice that the la
  2. I have 2 cookies folders: C:\Documents and Settings\Default User\Cookies and C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\cookies Neither actually have a any cookies in them. The only file in them both is Index.dat. There doesn't seem to be much that I can see inside the Index.dat files. I've set the 'Prompt to save passwords' on i.e. checked.
  3. For IE7, Autocomplete, I have User names and passwords checked. In fact I have all 3 options checked on that page. The only one I don't have checked is to 'Prompt to save passwords'. I do not use any other Cleaner. For CCleaner when I include Index.dat to be cleaned, I lose all my userids and passwords. When I re-set them and then immediately run CCleaner excluding Index.dat, then my passwords and Userids are not wiped out. Index.dat is the only thing that I change.
  4. If you mean which websites that I lose my passwords and Userids, it's all of them.
  5. I've never used IE8 at any time. I've never used any other browser. I'm not sure what you mean by "these sites that you are referring to?".
  6. I have XP SP3,IE7. I've had many problems with CCleaner deleting my Userids and passwords. I tried unchecking Windows/Internet Explorer/cookies, Windows/Internet Explorer/Autocomplete Form History and Applications/Multimedia/Adobe Flash player. But my Userids and passwords still kept being deleting. I tried unchecking other options and finally found that unchecking Windows/Internet Explorer/delete Index.dat files solved the problem. I'm passing this along in case other people have the same problem.
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