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  1. Hello Kartheek D. N., Welcome to the forums !!! Thanks also for this information. I am bumping this. There are others that can probably tell you how to do this using an Include entry or a winapp2.ini entry until the developers get this updated. Good luck, davey P.S. I just want to verify that you do have the options set for Safari on the Applications tab. The entries for Safari in the embedded winapp.ini file file do look a little different than what you describe. If you do have the options checked and CCleaner it is not cleaning the files that you need, then the easiest thing for you to do is probably use the Options > Include > Add file for each file that you want cleaned. You also need to set the option at Cleaner > Windows tab > Advanced cleaning options > Custom Files and Folders .
  2. Hey dodgy !!! You will have to forgive me. I called you "geezer" instead of "dodgy". Looks like you really are a "dodgy geezer". You found those "cookies". Next time save some and we can all EAT a couple. Good luck, davey P.S. If this keeps occurring please let us know. Also thanks for letting us know where you found them.This may help some other users as well.
  3. Could be we want to protect all those unmanned bank machines, Nuclear power plants, medical, heating, cooling, fire control systems etc. etc. And LAZY is wanting your Registry automatically cleaned of Issues. I would rather have an idiot at the controls than out partying somewhere !!! davey
  4. Hello Geezer, Welcome !!! The latest version of CCleaner is v 2.15.815. Do you have "Cookies" checked for Internet Explorer on the Windows tab and Firefox "cookies" on the Applications tab? Some users have discovered after using the newer versions of CCleaner that old "cookies" files are still on their PC from old versions of various browsers. How about Opera or Google Chrome, do you have them checked in your Applications tab. You should if they still appear on the Applications tab. Do a Search on "Cookies" and see if you can find any. davey
  5. Hello GMO8, Also be sure you or any other user of your account does not use these cleaning options. If not then you will lose all your saved cookies, or IE saved passwords or all your IE saved data. And be sure that this option is unchecked on the Advanced tab of Internet Options. If this option is checked then all IE data except cookies will be deleted when you exit Internet Explorer. CCleaner will have no chance to clean or "secure delete" this data. If you only have one user account on your PC, then I recommend that you create one more account with administrator privileges and a password. This will be handy if your user profile gets corrupted. You will be able to log-in on the other account and fix things. davey
  6. Hi 1984, You sound tired.Anyhow, Belarc of course. http://www.belarc.com/free_download.html Run it and Click on Manufacturer support in System Model on the right. Then you can get System original and current configuration from the manufacturer. You can probably download the latest recommended driver from there. The PC manufacturer has always given me what I need. No hunting needed. Good luck, davey
  7. Hi Bill, Welcome to the forums !!! Before restoring, did you do the following ? Run Registry Issues until no more issues are found. Some users do not know to do this. You must Reboot after doing all these changes to the registry. You may find that things are OK now. Exit all other programs. Then try Merge again. Make sure that you restore in reverse order that the Issues backups were created. Merge Backup 3, then Backup 2, then Backup 1. The backups are time stamped. Good luck, davey
  8. The news is filled with expectations for large crowds at shopping outlets again tomorrow. Be aware of the signs of "Mob mentality". Get out if you see the crowd getting too big. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mob_mentality...Characteristics Nothing is worth injury to yourself and others. davey
  9. Hi tracker, I wouldn't be in hurry to turn off the Vista defragger. I don't use Vista but you can try scheduling to a far off date. Just a thought, not a known fact by me. You may find that Defraggler itself is moving those files back to the front of your free-space. Best wishes, davey
  10. Hi Apachahokee, Welcome !!! It sounds like you surely have an infected PC. Use this link and follow it's instructions to get your entire system cleaned. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=17457 Good luck, davey
  11. Hello Seaborn, Yes CCleaner is excellent. The registry defrag program that you list is dangerous. See this link in your other post. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=68616 Also this is very alarming. http://www.download.com/WinASO-RegDefrag/3...tml?tag=foot_ur My registry is too important to take this risk !!! davey
  12. Hello Seaborn, Welcome !!! Personally, I don't use registry defrag programs. I use NTREGOPT to safely compact the registry. I use ERUNT to back it up also. http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/index.htm If I were to use a registry defrag then I advise that you check out this thread. The product you are using is dangerous. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=68616 Andavari is a forum Moderator and we trust and value his judgment. Also this is very alarming. http://www.download.com/WinASO-RegDefrag/3...tml?tag=foot_ur My registry is too important to take this risk !!! Defraggler currently does not have an option to defragment the registry. Maybe later, maybe never ? Good luck, davey
  13. Hi Mark, Welcome to the forums !!! You are a good friend and valued member. The option is here. The latest version has many fixes and additional features since your version. Good luck friend, davey
  14. Hello rushhh, Welcome to the forums !!! Don't do anything drastic until you just run Windows Disk Defragmenter first. You do have me confused when you mention XP and Vista in the same breath. A format and re-install will only put you back at step 0. davey P.S. What kind of free space do you have available ? We can always find some more free-space. What is going on with your PC anyway ? Tell us about your PC and what is happening.
  15. Hello Don, Mainly I use JkDefrag for analysis purposes during testing and monitoring what Windows itself may be doing over time. Nice graphics and log. It has been a long time since I used it for defragmenting purposes. More info later. davey
  16. Hello again Vincent, Just as before I don't know why you are the only user that I know that can't get Recuva to "secure delete" any items.I can only recommend that you follow the instructions in our previous posts. In regards to all those pictures that Recuva finds, every time you visit any website the website may download pictures and icons etc.. Even if you do not scroll down the page to see those pictures they have been downloaded into your Temporary Internet Files. When your Temporary Internet Files are deleted the pointers to those pictures are removed but the magnetic data stays on your Hard Drive. If you use CCleaner with "secure delete" this magnetic data will be overwritten with magnetic "zeros". Then Recuva will not be able to "Recuva" the data. Normal deletion is much faster but does not overwrite any data. Overwriting data is a waste of time for most users. Believe me Recuva will "secure delete" files if you tell it to do so but you must follow the steps as I explained to you in previous posts. Best wishes, davey
  17. Hello Les B, Welcome to the forums !!! Also thanks for your Defraggler report . In regards to your Startup programs, you can download this little executable program and run it. No install necessary. It is from the Malwarebytes.org and is an excellent program for start-up items. I and a few others on this forum have used it and very satisfied with the results. I just used it again and it finds no items of concern. It may find a few more items for you. Great program for a checkup by anyone. The program is called StartUpLite. http://www.malwarebytes.org/startuplite.php Good luck, davey
  18. Good for you. That is probably all you need anyhow. From my experience so far Defraggler does a good job positioning files. And you know it is fast. I have not had any conflicts but I avoid conflict in the first place. I won't run Defraggler with any other "defrag" or maintenance program running. I am surprised to find that some users do this. Guess they just haven't enough experience, not to do this. This is the same reason that I don't use any autostart of any programs except security updates. I have Defraggler, Windows Disk Defragmenter and JkDefrag but I would never run 2 at one time. I have never "lost" any data from any defragmenting using any of these. davey P.S.I hope I have not misinterpreted you meaning of conflicts. There are differences in file positioning strategies and options. P.S.It seems our responses crossed paths. Yes, this will require further discussion.
  19. Hello joanie707, We need some more information to help. What is the exact message that you are getting related to this English.dll ? Can you give us a snapshot ? davey
  20. Hi La-La. Welcome Click on this link to YouTube. It will show a funny little Star Trek video. Come back here and tell us what happened. Could you hear it and see it OK ? Also at the top of CCleaner window on the left will be some words similar to this "MS Windows XP Professional SP3" Tell us what yours says. davey P.S. If you are using Windows Vista then try doing a System Restore prior to running CCleaner. If you are using Windows XP or earlier then you may need to re-enter all your WMP selections again. No matter which version of Windows, now that you have cleaned out the old build up, turn off all options under Multimedia on the Applications tab. You will then start to build-up new selections and "flash cookies" etc. Do not turn these options back on until you learn what will be cleaned for each of these Multimedia applications. P.S. The prior statements should not preclude the fact that you may have your own back-ups of these Application files that have been cleaned.
  21. Hello Ashdown, Welcome to the forums !!! Wow, it sure sounds like you have some serious problems involving malware. You need help from the experts before doing anything else. Start at this link and follow the instructions. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=17457 Good luck, davey
  22. Hello The Firefox 3.1 beta2 cookies will have to handled in Firefox for now. As far as I know Firefox is handling cookies in it's own files. (Any Firefox users that can give more input , please do.) See this thread as regards IE8 Beta2 and (turn off) UNCHECK option at Cleaner > Windows tab > Internet Explorer > Delete Index.dat files . http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=117825 Don't forget that the IE8 Beta2 cookies settings "may be" set to be cleared when you exit or blocked if you set it that way. See Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced This option should by default be OFF. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...ost&p=90924 Good luck, davey
  23. Hello GMO8, In IE7 Autocomplete could you turn on "Prompt to save passwords" ? Most users set this ON. If you don't have this option set ON then when you enter your Userid and password they will not be saved since you are not prompted to save them. If the option is not ON then it may be that the UserID and password are only saved in the index.dat file and IE7 can only find them there. As you can see,I believe what you are saying about unchecking Windows/Internet Explorer/delete Index.dat files solved the problem. The reason I am interested to get more information is that you are one of a very few that have this problem when only using IE7. Many IE8 Beta2 users have a similar problem and we found that UNCHECKING Windows/Internet Explorer/delete Index.dat files solved the problem. Something in IE8 Beta2 is causing CCleaner to delete the "Cookies" index.dat file which has not happened to most IE7 users even when they have the option ON to Delete index.dat files. This thread is related. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=117825 I am still trying to figure out why this occurs for only a few Internet Explorer 7 users. It may be as simple as not having the "Prompt to save passwords" option set. I am not sure about this. Could you tell me exactly where your "cookies" file is located ? I use WinXP Pro SP3, IE7 also. Mine is at C:\Documents and Settings\MYNAME\Cookies . Mine contains only "cookies" .txt files and 1 index.dat file . Does yours contain any other files ? If you turn the option ON then Analyze,do you see a line like this after the cookies to be deleted list ? Marked for deletion: C:\Documents and Settings\MYNAME\Cookies\index.dat . I never see this but IE8 Beta2 users do depending on the option setting. I realize that here we are talking about "cookies" but it may be related or not. I appreciate all your help, davey
  24. Hello GayFace, Welcome. Thanks for this information. This may relate to the other users problem. Clocks do get reset manually, and sometimes by software designed for this purpose. Many users clocks are automatically reset at boot time or according to a schedule. I don't think CCleaner can do anything to your System Clock. However it is often run prior to restarting or shutdown with a re-boot the next day. Check this relative thread. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=119734 davey
  25. Pretty nice !!! I thought they were in trouble. Cats go crazy when they get their head stuck inside something !!! That monkey was just like a human. 50 years old and still acting like a kid. davey
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