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  1. Thanks also for your input. The site that Don suggested was great, Sysinfo.org. I went in and checked every item I had in my list. I was able to disable 15 out of the the 32 items that were listed on my startup page in CCleaner. I didnt delete anything, I just selected disable for the ones I chose. Now that I have about half of them turned off it should make a difference.
  2. Don, thanks for the input. I printed up my list and will go to that site you suggested and do a little research. Will leave it the ones you suggested. Thanks again, I think when I finish I will notice a difference.
  3. I always read where if you have too many Startup programs running at the same time, it can slow down your performance. I am just afraid I will take out the wrong one. Would somebody be able to review what is on mine and make a recommendation of what I could disable without taking out something I need.
  4. I've used CCleaner since this past May and I think it's very good. I use it all the time to get my system in check. Yesterday, I decided to download and try Defraggler. I ran it on my Windows XP desktop. It installed ok and did a defrag with no problems at first. Next, I installed it on my laptop Vista. But had a problem with it there. After the install I did a defrag started about noon. By 8:30 pm it was still running and never got past 65% complete. I finally closed it. THen I discovered my web pages opened very slow. When I clicked on the "favorites" link in the top of my page, all my favorite sites that I had saved (close to 100) were no wheres to be found. I ended up doing a restore to a earlier time before I installed the defraggler. THat ended up putting all my favorites back in and my web pages were quicker to open. I then decided and removed the Defraggler off my desktop. I have great luck with CCleaner and using them on both computers, but the Defraggler caused me problems.
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