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  1. 3-30-09... After 10 Years Crashes, Blue Screen, Re Formatting Hard Drives 4 Different Computers... Obviously You Do Not Have Any Spy Ware Or Anti Virus Or Any Other Safe Ware Installed To Protect Your Computer.... I'd Install Advance System Care 3.1., Windows Defender, Spybot 1.6 ,CCleaner,Defraggler, Run Weekly Your Disc Clean,Scan Disc, Defragment, Etc. Then Install Latest Recuva ... All Else Fails RE FORMAT Drive Consider Yourself Fortunate Thats All You Lost... Etal: You Got To get Into Friday Night Maintenance To Keep Your Computer Stable Running And Safe From Spy Ware,Etc. MeanMotherUSA...
  2. 1-1-09: Attention:DAVEY I Deleted Uninstalled All Current Versions Of Recuva... I Went Back And Reinstalled Recuva 1.16.333 On Both My Computers-(It Is Version That Secure Deleted 300 Photos) It Will Recover Anything... But: It Will Not Secure Delete Anything, i.e.Still Reads: 0 files deleted in 3 Seconds... I Cannot Get debug To Work...On Either Computer... Question-- What Are Things That You Think Would Block Secure Delete Other Than Explorer 7.0?? You Cannot Download Any Software Without (Using) Explorer 7.0 Blocking Software... I Have Dell Inspiron 5150 L T,512mb,Wireless,New Windows X P Professional 2002,SP3 Service Pack...Zone Alarm Free Fire Wall Is Not Blocking Anything... Thank You... Vincent Auto
  3. 12-24-08... I Haven't Been Here Some Time...Updated 3 New Versions, Latest:1.21.373...Find Same Problems Recuva Recovers Everything...Will Not Secure Delete Anything!? 3 Versions Back I Could Secure Delete 300 Photos --Still To Date It Reads: 0 Files Deleted In 3 -10 Seconds?! Frustration... Search Other Software: Found: No File Recovery... Found: Revo Uninstaller Has Own (Tools) Evidence Remover It Works, But Takes 1 to 1/2 Hours To Run... You Guys Got Recuva To Recover Photos So Well It Will Now Not Delete Anything!? Recuva Does Weird Stuff--I Spend Close 12 Hours Internet...Off Internet: Then I Run Recuva Deep Scan--Recuva Pulls Up All Any Photos Of All Web Sites I Visited: In Particular: News Photos On Aol.Com...Photos On My Space.Com... That I Didn't Even Click On!? Hope You Gain Some Insight From This... Vincent Auto
  4. 10-23-08...5:30pm Davey: For Now I'll Pass On It,i.e. I Did All Any Of Above To No Avail--I Deleted & Reinstalled New Version 1.20.361... It Will Recover Photos But It Will Not Delete Anything: Secure Highlight Or Checked Delete: Reads 0 Files Deleted In 3 Seconds... I'll Use Shredder 2 To Secure Delete Files N Stuff... I'll Stop By And keep Reading Forums.. Thank You For Your Kind Response... Vincent Auto
  5. 10-22-08: 8:40pm IN ADDITION: I Earlier Installed (CNET Says It Is Used By US.Gov) FILE SHREDDER v2.90... It Is All It Does Completely Deletes (Shreds) Everything...It Does Not Recover Anything ---So As To Be Safe... I Am Sure There Is Some Kind Of Bug In RECUVA Simply: ....It Is Really Kool Program --It Worked Perfect 2 Earlier Versions Past, i.e. SEE READ ABOVE... I Am Mainly Interested In Recovering Old Car Photos, Deleting Old Letters, Old Updated Tech Sheets Even On My Older Computers... It Is Hard To Believe Something All Sudden ( Like Spyware, Etc.) Caused Glitch In Both Of My Lap Top Computers.... Thank You Davey Your Kind Response... Vincent Auto
  6. 10-22-08: Davey: I Tried In Vain To Run: C:\ProgramFiles\Recuva\recuva.exe /debug =It Will Only Open Program Files Leaving (debug) Off... New Version (?) I (Read All Way Back August 2008 Forum On Delete(s) Other Response Said Same: Why Does It Read: 0 files deleted In 2 Seconds=== (Still Reads Same) It Matters Not You Click It Over Photo Or Secure Check Delete===It Will Not Delete Anything, i.e. Prior Go Back 2 Back Versions Worked Great--I Recuva Deleted 200 + Photos/Junk Almost Instantly! It Acts As Though Explorer 7 (Windows Sounds Off) Is Blocking It=== Only Description I Can Give You... I Hope You Guys Can Solve Problems As Recuva Was Really Kool Program To Start With, i.e. With Big Brother/US.Gov On Horizon We You Need Software Programs As Recuva...... Thank You... Vincent Auto
  7. 10-18-08: I Used (On 5 Different Computers ) Zone Alarm Firewall---Free Version----Latest Version Since Its Beginning----Never Any Problems...I Recommned It --- Have Installed It On Friends Computers... Vincent Auto
  8. 10-18-08: Davey... In Addition: I Am Using Dell 5150 L T , 512 MB, New Windows XP Professional - Version 2002...MS Windows XP SP3... Again: It Is As If Explorer 7 Is Blocking Delete Files --- Says: 0 Files Deleted In 3 Seconds, Etc... It Starts To Open Delete Bar Then Disappears Instantly Winows Sound Rings... I Do Not Use Explorer 7 Unless --I Write Lot Poetry, Articles, Editorials At AuthorsDen.Com--Flock Is Quicker... PAST: Used Mozilla Browser Long Time , I Switched To Mozilla BrowserBrowser Beta 3 = It Froze All Time Or Crashed... CURRENT: I Have No Other Problems Than: Deleted My Flock Browser 1.26 Froze Up... In lieu Of: I Installed Flock Browser Beta 2.0.b.2...It Sometimes Pops Up Stupid Page: Can't Find Server Page--Irritating... Thank You... Vincent Auto...
  9. 10-18-08: Davey... In Run Icon: I Cut and Paste With Out Putting In Debug!? It Will Open Recuva--If I Add Debug Pop Up Says: Windows Cannot Find C:\Program? I Have Recuva Installed In C:\Program Files.... I Deleted Recuva Even Cleaned Out Registry ... Went To Your Site Downloaded Recuva Twice... This Is Really Strange Why It Worked Prior Older Versions!? Hope This Helps You're Analysis... VincentAuto
  10. 10-18-08: Davey... I Followed Link Try Install Debug --It Will Not Install... I'll Come Back Forum Keep Reading Comments---Or New Update Comes Out I'll Install It.. Thank You Your Kind Response... Vincent Auto
  11. 10-17-08... All Comments On Delete Files/Photos Well Written Little Confusing... Prior 2 Versions Recuva I Could Delete All Anything, High Light Checked Or Checked...Options: Use 1 Pass Mode! Now New Version 1.19.350---I Cannot Delete Anything------Pop Up Reads: 0 files Deleted In 2 seconds,etc... I Can Recover Photos---It Also Recovers Junk Files Obviously In Same Folder Deleted Prior...Recovered Lot Old Car Photos Lost In Change Over Windows XP Professional ... It Finds Stuff Even From Visiting Other Web Sites Usually Photos ? Can Anybody Tell Me Why This Is Happening, i.e. It Is As Almost As If Explorer 7 Is Blocking Delete Modes... Recuva Is Really Neat Little Free Program, I Tried Another Software It Cannot Compare... To No Avail I Tried Reinstall RECUVA 1.19.350 Several Times On 2 Different Computers, Lap Tops Not It Matters... Thank You ... Vincent
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