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When will the "when idle" schedule option be fixed? I just noticed that my drive is 13% fragmented because Degraggler no longer defrags when my system is idle.


The current schedule option that "starts defrag only if the computer is idle for" option doesn't help. The defrag still only starts once a day or once a week, and it only does that IF the system is idle at that scheduled time. That is not the same as "defrag anytime my system is idle."


Now I have to google for an older version of deffragler, and stop letting it install updates.

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Hi, i have some ideas for new features for Defraggler.

1) real time optimalization - Defraggler will run at sys tray ( or background) and find optimal place for writing files.

2) Defraggler have large number of users , why Piriform don't give possibility for making user-made defrag scheme. "More heads better than one" (best with GUI , for example: *select box* ( find /defrag) *2nd select box* (biggest file/most

fragmented file/ free space etc.) *3rd select box* (and/or) move the file to *4th select

box* (the biggest free space, the smallest free space which is bigger than file, end HDD .... ) and creating from this "rules" scheme.

3) built-in system for sharing schemes ( see par 2) between users

4) what about make some image ( or utility for making it by self-own user ) of bootable DVD or USB flash for offline defrag of all disc and no only some files ( http://www.piriform....oot-time-defrag )

5)Defragler can defrag individual files. What about adding planner ?? I think, user can add files to planner and execute it. Planer will defrag first file, after that second, third ....... or free space ....

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