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  1. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.27.8 gorhill released this May 26, 2020 Changes This release contains only updates to translated strings; especially, malicious translations were found and removed from Malay language.
  2. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.27.6 gorhill released this May 21, 2020 Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: [regression] Fix computing the path of nested lists Ensure either .desktop or .mobile class is set
  3. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.27.4 gorhill released this May 18, 2020 Notes: The new popup panel UI has been further fine-tuned as per (constructive) feedback at uBlockOrigin/uBlock-issues#1027. Changes: Add Armenian locale Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: More fine tuning of desktop panel as per feedback Even more fine tuning of UI as per feedback More fine tuning of new UI as per feedback Minor fine tuning of CSS in new popup panel Restore ability to set popup panel font size in advanced settings
  4. to the devs: mmmmh... perhaps its time to add a new option in ccleaner settings? ccleaner -> options -> advanced -> add a new option "allow only one instance of ccleaner"
  5. here the "original post" from 2017
  6. bad choice for me with databased surfstick. i have disabled the two update-services of edge with ccleaner because i cant find an option to deactivate the auto-update-function thank you for this option for a manually search for updates :-) i dont have found it before :-)
  7. https://blogs.windows.com/msedgedev/2019/08/30/update-removing-flash-microsoft-edge-internet-explorer/
  8. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.27.2 gorhill released this 22 hours ago Closed as fixed: Popup window does not have a scroll bar in the connected hosts list The include directive does not work when loading local assets New popup power button is not properly centered Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: Minor fine tuning new panel Increase min-width of #main pane in popup panel
  9. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.27.0 gorhill released this 3 days ago Changes The popup panel and dashboard have been redesigned to be more user friendly, including more mobile-friendly. The re-design is being done by taking into account @brampitoyo's suggestions and feedback. You can revert to the old popup panel by setting uiFlavor to classic in advanced settings -- though keep in mind the old panel is not likely to be kept around forever. Closed as fixed: Chromium Blocking pages on first load Firefox min-height glitch uBO element picker requestAnimationFrame-if and prefixed parameter Drop hot key customization options Firefox 74 and above supports the removal of assigned shortcuts Core Add new filtering category to the logger: popups Nano Adblocker cannot view EasyList China + EasyList Race condition at browser launch may prevent application of cosmetic filters Notable commits with no entry in issue tracker: Add new scriptlet to allow blocking Amazon's apstag.js Add ability to open the dashboard with a keyboard shortcut Support fetching assets from CDNs when auto-updating First pass to re-design the dashboard Second pass to re-design the dashboard Third pass to re-design the dashboard Fourth pass to re-design the dashboard Fifth pass to re-design the dashboard Sixth pass to re-design the dashboard
  10. i have installed it as replacement for ie11 on older w7 32 bit -> nice and fast :-) on w8.1 64 bit -> similar as srw iron portable (chromium) now im waiting where the updates come from for both :-) windows update or enhanced microsoft update (for other microsoft produkts) or browser itself
  11. as you can see in the line "specifikation" -> there is your correct cpu-id i think its a subcategory of the cpu above (an improved version) the other thing is speccy is not up to date... perhaps in an newer version in the future it works better.
  12. what kind of windows opens? what windows-content? if all from ccleaner i can imagine what popups. one way is to block ccleaner with your firewall... the next is disable something in the settings if you dont need or want this for yourself have you the free version or a buyed one? is smart cleaning active? or scheduling (pro)? is updates set of automatically?
  13. ff v68.8.0 esr 05. may 2020 Fixed Various stability and security fixes unresolved Audio playback is currently not working when running the 32-bit Windows version of Firefox ESR from a network drive. This will be addressed in the next major Firefox ESR release.
  14. ff v76.0.1 08. may 2020 Fixed Fixed a bug causing some add-ons such as Amazon Assistant to see multiple onConnect events, impairing functionality (bug 1635637) Fixed a crash on 32-bit Windows systems with some nVidia drivers installed (bug 1635823)
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