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  1. trium

    musik videos

    karat - der blaue planet (gdr 1982) - a song about the cold war and the danger of a nuklear war karat - der blaue planet
  2. trium

    musik videos

    karat - über sieben brücken musst du gehn (gdr 1979) karat - über sieben brücken musst du gehn
  3. trium

    musik videos

    puhdys - alt wie ein baum (gdr 1976) puhdys - alt wie ein baum
  4. trium

    musik videos

    puhdys - wenn ein mensch lebt (gdr 1973) puhdys - wenn ein mensch lebt
  5. trium

    musik videos

    karat - schwanenkönig (gdr 1980) karat - schwanenkönig
  6. trium

    musik videos

    matthias reim - eiskalt matthias reim - eiskalt
  7. trium

    musik videos

    holger biege - sagte mal ein dichter (1978 - gdr) holger biege - sagte mal ein dichter
  8. trium

    musik videos

    karussel - als ich fortging (1987 - gdr) karussel - als ich fortging
  9. trium

    musik videos

    karat - hab den mond mit der hand berührt (in the 80s - gdr) karat - hab den mond mit der hand berührt
  10. trium

    musik videos

    maywood - late at night maywood - late at night
  11. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.52.0 github-actions released this 08. sept 2023 Fixes / changes Add json-prune-xhr-response and trusted-replace-xhr-response scriptlets Use globalThis instead of self in scriptlet helper Add json-prune-fetch-response scriptlet Position reload icon in logger as per feedback Re-factor extra args for set-constant scriptlet Use Unicode version of hostnames in element picker Disallow trailing CSS universal selector unless properly separated Fix/improve xml-prune scriptlet Improve xml-prune scriptlet Put uBO's icon in nav bar by default Properly serialize CSS combinators according to position in selector Improve no-xhr-if scriptlet Improve no-xhr-if scriptlet Use non-normalized URL for reload/report operations Add commented keywords to googlesyndication_adsbygoogle.js scriptlet Improve fingerprint2.js scriptlet Nothing can come after action operator in procedural cosmetic filters Add trusted-replace-fetch-response scriptlet Harden spoof-css scriptlet Support negated pattern for stack test in scriptlets Fix looking up clickable URLs in code viewer Fine tune logging capabilities of json-prune scriptlet Add stackNeedle argument to json-prune scriptlet Improve remove-class behavior Add visual hint for filtered out rows in firewall pane Add $currentISODate$ to trusted-set-local-storage-item scriptlet Eliminate case-sensitivity from values in set-cookie scriptlet
  12. ff v115.2.1 esr 12. sep 2023 Fixed Security fix
  13. ff v102.15.1 esr 12. sep 2023 Fixed Security fix
  14. ff v117.0.1 12. sep 2023 Fixed Fixed a bug causing links opened from outside Firefox to not open on macOS (bug 1850828) Fixed a bug causing extensions using an event page for long-running tasks to be terminated while running, causing unexpected behavior changes (bug 1851373) Temporarily reverted an intentional behavior change preventing Javascript from changing URL.protocol (bug 1850954). NOTE: This change is expected to ship in a later Firefox release alongside other web browsers and sites are encouraged to find alternate ways to change the protocol if needed. Fixed audio worklets not working for sites using WebAssembly exception handling (bug 1851468) Fixed the Reopen all tabs option in the Recently closed tabs menu sometimes failing to open all tabs (bug 1850856) Fixed the bookmarks menu sometimes remaining partially visible when minimizing Firefox (bug 1843700) Fixed an issue causing incorrect time zones to be detected on some sites (bug 1848615) Security fix
  15. ff v115.2.0 esr 29. aug 2023 Fixed Various security fixes and other quality improvements.
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