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  1. ff v78.10.0 esr 19. april 2021 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  2. ff v88.0 19. april 2021 New PDF forms now support JavaScript embedded in PDF files. Some PDF forms use JavaScript for validation and other interactive features. Print updates: Margin units are now localized. Smooth pinch-zooming using a touchpad is now supported on Linux To protect against cross-site privacy leaks, Firefox now isolates window.name data to the website that created it. Learn more Fixed Scr
  3. today his royal highness prince philip mountbatten (von battenberg, -> von schleswig-holstein-sonderburg-glücksburg und hessen), the duke of edinburgh is passed away after a long life with the age of 99. my deepest sympathy for his family... in great britain, greece, danmark, germany...
  4. tools -> software updater... please add all your own (piriform/avast) apps into the scan-process if this are installed and show if this "up-to-date-programs" or "programs to update" in my case it shows only speccy but there are also recuva defraggler ccleaner (ofcourse) ccleaner cloud and so on (avg or avast-av) (perhaps ccleaner browser + kamo) i mean these programs should definitely be included in the search list.
  5. sometimes yes, sometimes no... category "other files" is nothing
  6. one problem already seems to be there in version 5.77 not showing the category "other files" - it shows " " amount of files but the size showing in ccleaner v5.57 its all fine - it shows also the "other files" for example *.exe or *.sys and so on
  7. it tryed it also in english - the same problem as in german sometimes not showing *.mp3 or *.jpg for example
  8. for me - yes - its german
  9. by me - there are different problems with "not showing" - different drives, different categories with no detailed infos, sometimes no subcategories shows and so on with ccleaner v5.78
  10. i mean with ccleaner v5.77 it works fine but with ccleaner v5.78 it dont works fine - looks like dropouts
  11. i mean - it works not probably good... sometimes it show, sometimes it dont show
  12. ps: there could be a little problem. i used different drives to search and it is as you write, sometimes it dont show the details. only after repeated attempts it will show detailed file-infos
  13. i mean no... if i click on "musik" it shows me every single *.mp3 with name, size and so on... but its need 1 or 2 seconds to show do you mean this?
  14. @Kasche if you have solved your problem with johncclenaers help... try the "file list" defrag
  15. @BeeGee can i ask you what the hardware is? cpu, ram, etc...? a little help perhaps for your overheading laptop: go to energy settings from your w7 -> advanced powersettings -> processor power management -> Maximum performance state of the processor: set it for example to 60 or 70 or 80 % <--- this will prevent your cpu from the inbuild self-overtuning and reduced the maximum GHz or MHz to a lower level but with enough power to work with it (not to game ) this will also reduce the heat from your cpu let you run your laptop only with ak
  16. i have this question for some time ago...there should be a one file installer to download...
  17. ? i dont know if our forum can help you... just something delete in the registry - bad idea what do you want do uninstall/delete?
  18. ff v78.9.0 esr 23. march 2021 Fixed Various stability, functionality, and security fixes
  19. ff v87.0 23. march 2021 New You’ll encounter less website breakage in Private Browsing and Strict Enhanced Tracking Protection with SmartBlock, which provides stand-in scripts so that websites load properly. To further protect your privacy, our new default HTTP Referrer policy will trim path and query string information from referrer headers to prevent sites from accidentally leaking sensitive user data. The “Highlight All” feature on Find in Page now displays tick marks alongside your scrollbar that correspo
  20. what is with ccleaner? ccleaner -> tools -> startup "Windows" -> click on ccleaner entry -> on the right side "disable" or "delete"? restart perhaps this help?
  21. in my os its the graphic driver that brings me one or another dmp´s from time to time. how andavari say. newer updates dont help and i decide to life with this hardware/driver problem
  22. yes, of course you can also take it that way. the translator has to weigh that up whats good or not so good. i personally mean that "Duplikate Finder" sounds unpleasant besides with this additional tool in ccleaner in german -> wir finden nicht -> wir suchen Duplikate; and because its not a own single tool but rather part of the ccleaner i mean "Duplicate Finder" is only in german "Dupikate finden" as an activity - not as its own single tool/app. another suggestion: german new "Duplikate suchen" but since it is written in the english original... can it be as it
  23. ... there are companies that take remote control i remember me darkly an av known as part of avast to solve this or another problem. but not with windows own tool instead its own remote tool.
  24. ccleaner -> tools -> software updater there is an graphic issue with minimal size of ccleaner window in german. if ccleaner is offline after a while it shows a message "It seems like your offline" "Please check your internet connection and try again" in german: "Sie scheinen offline zu sein" "Bitte prüfen Sie Ihre Internetverbindung und versuchen es erneut" the last word of the sentence "...erneut" is only at half displayed! -> i mean -> apply the automatic placeholder on the size of the ccleaner windo
  25. trium

    ublock users

    ublock v1.34.0 github-actions released this Mar 10, 2021 Closed as fixed: Picker glitch with elements with special characters in their tag name Expose CNAME-uncloaking as a Privacy option in the Settings pane Impossible to add explicit exception for implicit strict blocking Invalid network filters suggested in element picker Use +/- in the popup to indicate whether 3-p frames were blocked Notable commits without en entry in the issue tracker Fix no-scripting switch not working for SVG-based documents Upgrade CodeMirror to 5.59.2
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