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  1. It must be a Google/YouTube problem, not a CCleaner problem. Personally I use the extension 'I don't care about cookies'. Just delete them all on a more or less regular basis.
  2. Problem not solved. Plus: every item is double listed.
  3. New version today, but no improvement yet.
  4. As a Dutchman I use the Dutch version, if that is what you mean, Nergal.
  5. It changed with the most recent update.
  6. My P:drive (cloud drive) does not show anything, how often I click. But earlier on I didn't try that one.
  7. Yes, trium, Guten Tag, In the meantime I discovered that the files appear after a few clicks on (for example) Music. Before they appeared instantly without any clicks. This phenomenon is called “Progress”.
  8. Very, very often I used the function “Analyse disc”. I choose for example my Mp3 Player and Music. After analysis you see which file is biggest and so on. But now, after the latest update, I just see Music, and that's it. Is this function suddenly minimized?
  9. Hello Imacri, Removing the search engines in Firefox itself was the very first thing I did (Google included, of course: use Startpage or Qwant). Finding them back in CCleaner later was a rather unpleasant surprise. That made it so difficult to forget about them, Mr. Nukecad. That’s why we are still talking about them today.
  10. Right: next to Firefox SRWare Iron is the browser for me too. For a long time I was on Waterfox, but it went down the hill.
  11. When I saw the search engines for the first time, my wish was to never see them again. Not even in CCleaner. The same as those annoying Windows 10 components like Edge or Defender. Why can‘t we choose to get rid of them for ever?
  12. The best option would certainly be: If we don’t want these search engines, allow us to remove them for good. Because we can‘t do this, this discussion was born. Imacri could well be right: they can’t be completely disabled at all, not even temporarily. We need to find a way to live with them.
  13. Yes, Mr. Nukecad, It would be interesting to know where exactly in Firefox, CCleaner finds the information about these browser plug-ins.
  14. Hello Imacri, The only thing that really interests me in this case is: I don’t like (to say it mildly) Bing, bol.com, DuckDuckGo, eBay, Google, Marktplaats and all their colleagues, so I don’t want them to be enabled in Firefox.
  15. Hello Imacri, Because my TrafficLight icon is always hidden from the toolbar (if a warning comes, it comes anyway), I only looked at the add-on manager. If you insist I will do the test again with the icon in the toolbar.
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