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  1. Léon

    Drive Wiper

    Cleans only free space if correct option is chosen (look on top of page).
  2. Since when is asked permission for advertisements? That would be a great improvement in our society!
  3. After the fiftieth pop-up you will change your mind and embrace the deal.
  4. Yes, yes, everything is in order now. Thank you Ben Piriform and also the other contributors!
  5. What could be the meaning of this paper pin symbol? (I also discovered it doesn't work).
  6. Hello Ben Piriform, Since I was born, my name is Léon and I used this name since I joined this forum. Strange that the account confusion you described, suddenly began. I made a new password again and am very hopeful that the problem is solved now. After 3, 4 or 5 days, I will place a status report in this forum thread. Thank you already for your efforts!
  7. My password was something like 'Hazelnut3274'.
  8. Hello hazelnut, How can there be a connection between the CCleaner program and this forum? You can participate in this forum if CCleaner is not installed at all, I would think. Or do I see this wrong? Should I not remove my account here and create a new one?
  9. Hello hazelnut, -Since I installed 5.49: could be. Not sure. -Smart Cleaning/Monitoring is off. -Browser is Waterfox, but I tried Opera as well and there the same problem presents itself.
  10. Hello Ben Piriform, Your question was answered already: Posted Wednesday at 8:06 (see above): „Just letters and numbers. Very simple. Original password existed since years“.
  11. Hello Mr. nukecad, Your assumptions are 100% inappropriate. After I leave the forum for maybe 3 hours (of course “Remember me” is switched on), I need to sign in again. After that I want to log in and then my password is said to be “incorrect”. The whole “new password”-procedure starts again. This happened already (about) 12 times in the last few days.
  12. Just letters and numbers. Very simple. Original password existed since years. Now, after every visit: "logged out". Today I had to make a new password again. Extremely annoying.
  13. Hello Nergal, Yes, this forum.
  14. Every time I try to sign in, I get the message that my password is incorrect. I make a new password and after the first signing in and out the same message comes again. Five times now. How to solve?
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