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  1. trium is truly a Super Hero: Used CCleaner itself to remove The Smart Cleaning startup entry. No longer have the CCleaner icon in the tray and no CCleaner64.exe process running after boot. Yea! Also checked the other identical machine that did not have this problem and it does not have the Smart Cleaning entry in the startup programs either. Strange but fixed. Thanks to all for the help.
  2. What kind of proprietary info is in that file?
  3. I wish I checked for that before I did the ini deal but I did not. Minimized to system Tray is not checked.
  4. Uninstalled and then installed per your instructions. Restored the ini file. No change. The tray icon is there on boot and the CCleaner64.exe is running. Nothing in the Task scheduler either. If I open up CCleaner the tray icon goes away.
  5. Oh Sorry Options>Settings>'Launch the CCleaner app window each time the computer starts' is not checked. Is it possible the problem is related to the fact this machine has so much stuff starting when it boots and is a relatively slow machine? Some sort of startup out of order deal? If I uninstall and install it will it remember the current CCleaner settings?
  6. No CCleaner64.exe or any other CCleaner tasks are setup in Scheduled Tasks.
  7. Windows 7 Pro all up to date. Yes the regular user has the CCleaner64.exe Process running. The process always shows 00 % cpu use. Opening and closing Task manager does not remove the CCleaner icon from the tray.
  8. OK One machine no longer starts CCleaner at startup. The other one still does. Also if you open CCleaner on the machine with CCleaner showing in the tray the tray icon turns off. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks. I have set 2 machines as instructed. I will report back tomorrow on what happens when they are powered up in the morning.
  10. Do these get reset when you update CCleaner? It seems I have already turned these settings off in the past but some of them are back on.
  11. Answering my own last question is - Yes for all users
  12. Do you have to set each of these for the regular user and the admin user?
  13. Is there a way to prevent CCleaner Pro from starting at boot? I have a couple of slow machines and I don't need anything extra slowing them down. I have turn off every setting in CCleaner but it insists on starting up every boot. How can I fix this?
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