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  1. Yes you can. You'll want to turn off any multiple delete passes though (no 35 wipes).
  2. That is not the current plan, a new ccleaner should (according to what staff told us) be here the end of feb or beginning of march.
  3. The best route is to only remove duplicates that are documents and other user files (pictures, music, word documents etc). Many other files are duplicated on purpose by windows or other programs; those should be left alone.
  4. Hi, this is an English only forum please reply using Google or other translators. Salve, questo è un forum solo in inglese, per favore rispondi usando Google o altri traduttori.
  5. Don't post your phone number in public like that, you are only courting disaster. You can email support at support@ccleaner.com Be sure to be specific on what the issue is
  6. Removes the last location information. Example: you last went to hkcu/software/windows the next time you open regedit (after a cleaning) it'll not remember where you were
  7. While a mac update is in the pipeline they've not yet finished it. That said ccmac is updated far less often
  8. What error does it give? did you get the pro key from ccleaner.com?
  9. It's not default checked, maybe you checked on accident. Wipe free space first fills the empty space; windows takes the as a need to free up space and nukes restore points to regain space.
  10. The only way I know of that this could happen is if you have wipe freespace checked off in the advanced section of the windows tab.
  11. I've cleaned this thread. The mention of any enhancing programs is not allowed on public forum. They are, as Nuke said above, not officially recognized and are unsupported by piriform (you'll have to remove them if you're troubleshooting a problem with ccleaner). If you would like to contribute to, or have questions about, entries in the community made template for winnapp2 you'll need to post in the 1 thread for winapp2 here.
  12. Mvps January 24 2020 http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm
  13. Nergal

    Recuva scan time

    I think the card is 512gigabytes not megabytes
  14. I'll pass this up to the Piriform team so they see it, and contact you.
  15. Sorry didn't notice this was in the Mac forum, ignore my comment. I believe on a mac you just need to drag the ccleaner folder to the trash, though it's been a dog age since I uninstalled anything on a mac
  16. Same way you uninstall any program, from windows apps or programs and features control panel
  17. You're going to have to explain better, I don't understand what you mean
  18. Your best bet is to use your priority support that came with pro. You can contact the developers directly at support@ccleaner.com Use the same address you registered with so they know it's priority
  19. Very true, to have them appear on the first tab you have to put them in a winsys2.ini
  20. According to the developers, complete cleaning refers to the ability to clean multiple users at once, or clean another user's account without signing in to that user (granting that the running user has admin privileges)
  21. Nergal

    Mr Eric Wright

    Please note that if your phone and tablet are android ccleaner pro plus is not what you want. The 3 licenses are windows installs. You can get ccleaner pro for android from the android play store (and if you have a Amazon fire tablet maybe amazon apps store but i don't remember)
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