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  1. please open a new thread in ccleaner for android as this is a topic begging for ccleaner for mac helpers. When you do start a new thread please put more information, what do you mean after "time passed it doesn't work good", for example. but not here,do that in a new thread in the correct board.
  2. no we've added a time period for editing because of spammers
  3. this was my thought too when I read this suggestion
  4. Recuva won't do it because you can't mount the phone as a drive.
  5. Looks like it was temporary, it's back up now.
  6. Hmm seems like you might mean "can the browser read them? Is this question on ccleaner or ccbrowser?
  7. Please don't post multiple threads for the same question, I've merged the two into one
  8. ccleaner cannot read text files only their existence
  9. Threads merged, please don't open multiple threads on the same subject we practice a family safe forum thus swearing is not allowed, you're an adult I'm sure you can express yourself in a civilized way It sounds like you ran healthcheck after setting custom clean's checkmarks. Healthcheck is different than custom clean. It does not follow the custom clean's rules. Can your confirm or deny this assumption, doing so will aid us fellow users in aiding you. Finally please use english even if it means using google (or other) translator. To best serve you, you should not force other
  10. Nergal


    [Quote] I bought the RECUVA to recover some lost files on my disk. I locate more than 55,000 files (that I communicate) AND I DO NOT RECOVER ANY. I feel misled by the usefulness of this software that is touted as the great file recovery, and it is useless. The problem is that I already paid for it. I feel cheated. Roberto Moreyra [/Quote]
  11. Try this: launch ccleaner saying yes to uac Uncheck skip uac Exit ccleaner Launch and say yes Re-enable skipuac Check in windows task scheduler if the ccleaner task has been added
  12. only delete things you know you don't need duplicates of (word documents, pdfs, mp3, jpg and the such). Many programs and windows has duplicates that are required to stay duplicated.
  13. why are you forcing a 64 bit program into the special 32 bit folder. That might be to root of your issue, the x86 programs are virtualized (windows on windows). See https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/forums/vstudio/en-US/da6d3c29-6da8-4223-8e36-ea006d60f23d/whats-the-meaning-of-x86-and-x64-wow Note running ccleaner.exe on a 64bit automatically hands over to ccleaner64.exe. The handoff might not work well if run from x86 folder
  14. Moderators were told a new version is in the pipeline, but they have yet to release it
  15. Ccleaner mac hasn't been updated in a while (there are plans but it hasn't happened yet). Healthcheck is relatively new and ccleaner mac hasn't been updated since before health check came out.
  16. Do you mean your question is about ccleaner android? Your subscription is tied to your play store account I think.
  17. Check task manager after exiting chrome, I can almost guarantee that there is a orphaned chrome process. This is usually do to either a sync setting or a plugin (which can update silently if I remember correctly). It's also possibly caused by cloud print if that's still a thing.
  18. The classic (or custom clean) is there to give you some say in what is cleaned. Healthcheck ignores both the checkmarks in custom clean and the cookies to keep option (as well as running the software updater and something else which I forget because I use the custom clean screen).
  19. Are you talking about ccleaner or recuva (sounds like recuva to me)
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