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  1. Had a go with 1.1.44 (BETA) and it seems to work fine. The ability to defragment a single, large file is potentially useful. Couple of suggestions: At the moment it can take a long time to respond to the [stop] command. If it is working on a big file, it seems to complete it before stopping - which can take some time (minutes in some cases). Windows defrag always stops instantly. It would be nice if Defraggler also responded straight away - presumably leaving the file it was working on in whatever semi-defragmented state it had got to. Another option that would be useful would be to bring all the free space together into one block after the files have been defragmented (Windows defrag calls it "compacting"). Otherwise, if you are short on free space and that free space is itself fragmented, then the next time you create a largish file, it will be fragmented right from the start. Thanks Stuart
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