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  1. I wish you all Happy Holidays and a rewarding New Year. Frohe Weihnachten und ein glückliches neues Jahr. Felices fiestas y un maravilloso año nuevo para todos. Salutations de la saison, mes amis.
  2. The items are needed, so are recreated following deletion. Right-click them and Add to Exclude list.
  3. You don't defrag an SSD. Regardless of what appears on the map, the SSD NAND controller will not coalesce the blocks cos it's designed to shuffle the data to prolong drive life. And on disk drives many system files such as VSS are locked by Windows from defragging.
  4. Check if the faster 4900MQ is listed in Admin Tools\ Comp Mgmt\ Device Mgr\ Processors.
  5. @ TMiller The obsolete drive-wrecking 35 pass method was used decades ago for primitive computers. Even 7 passes are overkill. 1 pass will securely overwrite the data with 000000000000000.
  6. How to fix your corrupted Recycle Bin.
  7. Confirm Disk Health by running Benchmark drive . .
  8. Scary. I would go with the slim build until all is sorted. Slim tests OK at Virustotal.
  9. Not false info. Your Double Data Rate 798 MHz module transfers data at 1600 MHz.
  10. On my Win7 I go Start\ Administrative Tools\ Services and right-click each item for a menu. Start/ stop/ properties, etc.
  11. Either Speccy 67ºC or MSI 43ºC is erroneous. Speccy oder MSI ist falsch.
  12. You can use any reputable mfr's RAM when adding modules. Don't need to match the brand that's installed.
  13. Dell 0926J6 is the mobo installed in the Dell Inspiron 3542 laptop.
  14. My mobo section contains only mobo info. The mfr/model hp p7-1126s is not displayed anywhere in Speccy.
  15. I avoid that tool, afraid I may break something. Your computer will not run any faster from deleting a few dupes, so it doesn't hurt to leave them be.
  16. The items you wish to overwrite must be highlighted or checked ☑.
  17. Slim build submitted to VirusTotal. No malware detected.
  18. Stopping VSS prevents Windows from increasing the size of shadow copies during defrag. To reclaim some of your lost space, in CCleaner \ Tools\ System Restore . . hilite and remove some oldies.
  19. Yes, slightly each time cos it has mechanical parts. Hard disk drives can take just so much stress, then die. And one pass is sufficient cos writing 0s on top of 0s still get you 0s, so why do it more than once?
  20. kroozer

    forums error?

    I see . . . . on Win7 x64
  21. Not to worry. The map looks good. Defraggler displays those locked system files for reference only.
  22. Ensure all these are ticked ☑ . . then run a Boot Time Defrag . .
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