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  1. [Adobe Incompatible Icons*] is very slow. It would be nice if this could be improoved.
  2. NEW ENTRY Delete Anvsoft Any Video Converter Thumbnails [Anvsoft Any Video Converter Thumbnails*] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\AnvSoft\Any Video Converter\ Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\AnvSoft\Any Video Converter\thumbs|*.*|RECURSE NEW ENTRY Delete Waterfox Installer [Waterfox Installer*] LangSecRef=3026 DetectFile=%ProgramFiles%\Waterfox\Waterfox.exe Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Waterfox Limited\Waterfox*\install|*.*|RECURSE NEW ENTRY Delete Adobe Bridge CS6 Cache [Adobe Bridge CS6 Cache*] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\Adobe\Bridge
  3. This delete Cache, Cookies, (maybe) saved passwords and search results. Everything is saved in this folder. The browser history is saved in an other file, but when I delete it, Lunascape show me a warning at next start up that it doesn't find the history file. =/ Edit: Full list of Lunascape enrtys (I modified them): Delete Backups, Cache, Cookies, extensions (I'll try to fix this), temp files, favicon cache, startup cache & history (but Lunascape will show you a warning next start up, I can't fix this). [Lunascape6 Backups*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKLM\Software\Lunascape
  4. The seccond part of Lunascape: [Lunascape Temp*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKLM\Software\Lunascape Corporation Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Lunascape\Lunascape6\plugins|*.*|RECURSE I could also delete the history, but when I start Luna it comes an alert, that it doesn't find the history database. This is irritating :/
  5. Try it if you don't believe: Download this: http://www.runescape.com/downloads/runescape.msi Itnstal it use CCleaner All settings are removed and sometimes the programm do not longer work => This make no sense... And everybody has the cache file on C:\ so why do you use %WinDir%?
  6. My first part of Lunascape support [Lunascape Backups*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect=HKLM\Software\Lunascape Corporation Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Lunascape\Lunascape6\backup|*.*|RECURSE And the Jagex cache support do not work fine. (Win XP, Official Jagex Client) "[Jagex Cache*] LangSecRef=3021 DetectFile1=%WinDir%\.jagex_cache_32 DetectFile2=%UserProfile%\jagexcache Default=False FileKey1=%WinDir%\.jagex_cache_32|*.*|RECURSE FileKey2=%UserProfile%\jagexcache*|*.*|RECURSE FileKey3=%UserProfile%|jagex__preferences*.dat FileKey4=%UserProfile%|jagex_cl_runescape
  7. I have some questions: Is there any way to delete every file on every Disk with a specific Typ, but without a path? e.g. Delete every .xy files And is there any way to make if clauses? That would be verry helpful..
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