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  1. Is there life an after death?? who knows. One thing is for certain you would have about as much luck proving the existence of God as providing the existence of an after life. No one has every truly died and come back to life to tell so I guess we'll have to wait and see when our time comes. Richard S.
  2. When I was around 10 years old my dad bought the family a Commodore 64 he wasn't much of a Speccy fan unfortunately. I'm kind of glad he did though because the graphics and audio capability was way ahead of the other machines at the time. It was also my first computer that inspired me to take up computer programming and to dabble in some 6510/6502 assembler code. Sadly the poor thing was put away in a box for many years while I concentrated on other things more important like school and university. Then came the age of PC emulators and with clever software you could turn a lame 486 into a working Commodore 64 home computer. Not only that but games could now be download from the internet, games ripped from tape and save to tape with software too. Like others who loved their home computers I made my own small contribution the Commodore 64 community in various ways. Favourite games: Wizball, Rambo First Blood Part II, Outrun, Mayhem in Monsterland, International Karate, Ghostbusters (with digitised audio), Yi Ar Kung Fu, Hyper Sports. While emulators are certainly fun to use you cannot beat having your hands around a real joystick and playing on original equipment. Richard S.
  3. Windows stores the location of the Recycle Bin different on FAT32 and NTFS drives. FAT32 = C:\Recycled and NTFS = C:\Recycler\ + hidden folders S-1-5-.... (user account SIDs) Richard S.
  4. Does your BIOS provide SATA IDE emulation?? I just found an old photo of my ex-work computer I guess I was wrong it's actually a HP Compaq probably a DC7100 not a Dell PC although I've always assumed both companies ship the same hardware. btw: that's a Blue Screen of Death screen saver by Sysinternals not actually a real system crash Richard S.
  5. You can still download the portable app version of Firefox so it doesn't conflict with any existing copies of Firefox. Perhaps you could check this bug yourself?? Richard S.
  6. A better term should be "align files", "compact files" or "defrag contiguous freespace" I think "fill gap" could be just as confusing to some people. As for defrag freespace (both options) I've also noticed it increases fragmentation even though the drive was previously 100% defragged. Richard S.
  7. Talking of games anyone remember as a kid?? Richard S.
  8. Following the install instructions carefully. Richard S.
  9. redhawk

    Internet Protocol

    First of all to exploit a computer it must have something to exploit however with a fully patched system there is nothing to do apart from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which is nothing more the petty vandalism. All these security scares about ID theft, rootkits are internal jobs i.e. malware running on your computer from using infected software, bad email attachments, accessing dodgy web sites (porn bait) or proxy networks to bypass restricted sites. So the way I see this it doesn't matter whether or not your Operating System or router supports IPv6 it won't change the security risk of your computer the only issue would really concerning software based firewalls and using a direction LAN connection. If your computer sits behind a router it's NAT would still provide you with the best protection for incoming traffic with or without IPv6. Richard S.
  10. If you use IRC you'll understand what this means Richard S.
  11. Is your C drive formatted in fat32 or ntfs it would appear CCleaner doesn't read my Recycle Bin either (fat32). Richard S.
  12. The way to recreate the bug is pretty much the same as described in the post Google plus1 and editor not playing nice. It's also been suggested that the problem can only be recreated using Firefox 3.6.x but not later releases of Firefox. Richard S.
  13. redhawk

    Internet Protocol

    Protection against what?? Network routers provides a level of protection due to the way NAT works (network address translation). Unless you have port forwarding rules defined all incoming connections would be discarded IPv4 or IPv6. Also if your router or Operating System lacks IPv6 support there is nothing to interact with IPv6 packets. Richard S.
  14. You're looking at false readings probably because the sensor is broken or Speccy doesn't read the data correctly. Typically a motherboard should run slightly cooler than the CPU or GPU because it dissipates heat a lot better. Furthermore being a laptop with a confined space you would expect similar temperatures for MoBo, CPU and GPU. Richard S.
  15. redhawk

    Internet Protocol

    Why do you need IPv6?? Richard S.
  16. I've never seen earlier versions of Crap Cleaner but the program does appear to share similarities because both provide similar functionality. The Cleaner icon does looks vaguely familiar though I'm sure that belongs to one of the built-in Windows tools. and here's another crap cleaner for you - http://www.all-freew...maintenance.png Richard S.
  17. It's been reported - Google plus1 and editor not playing nice. since July Richard S.
  18. The problem seems to be related to the fact that the edit window doesn't load when I hit browse back. It appears to be working now that I've blocked https://apis.google.com/js/plusone.js from loading. Richard S.
  19. Nope the only plugins I have installed (apart from the defaults) are: - Adblock - DownloadHelper - Mobile Barcode - Modify Headers - NoScript - User Agent Switcher Richard S.
  20. I should have clarified this better but it's when I open photo attachments posted by other users that cause my typing problems. It hasn't been just one post (like this) but several others ever since the forum software got recently updated. The +1 appears to belong to some stupid Google intergration thingy I don't really understand - https://plusone.goog...pen%2C_resizeMe Richard S.
  21. Have you tried defragging individual or group of files via the "File list" tab?? Richard S.
  22. Anyone had this problem you open an image attachment but when you go back you cannot type in the reply box?? I can usually tell when there's a problem because "+1" appears in the top left corner. Is this a known forum bug because I'm getting a little P'd off having to keep refreshing the page?? Richard S.
  23. No it's an old BartPE CD I made from an XP CD with SP1. Richard S.
  24. I thought the "don't write" to CMOS jumper was suppose to stop this kind of nonsense overwriting your system BIOS?? Richard S.
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