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  1. Perhaps you would prefer to wack a penguin instead?? Best score so far 1201.5 meters. Richard S.
  2. Animation is jerky on my machine which puts me at a disadvantage however I managed to get 16 Richard S.
  3. Despite translating your post into English I still don't understand what you're asking. Richard S.
  4. Installing an Operating System onto a flash drive is one thing getting it to boot is another. Your BOIS must support USB booting and the flash drive must also contain a boot sector area. Have a look at the following article hopefully you should be able to get it working. Also you might want to experiment with different brands of Flash drive to see which works better. XP bootloader doesn't supports Vista / Windows 7 however it's backwards compatible with NT4 and Windows 2000. As for accessing SATA hard drives via BartPE you probably need to change your BIOS settings to enable SATA "ID
  5. Obvious very moooving piece of music for cows Richard S.
  6. My dad still owns a old 4 track Stellaphone although the buttons are a bit flakey now. You'd be old if you still remember LED calculators and mobile phones with massive SIM cards Richard S.
  7. did you break the rewind button on your cassette player?? Richard S.
  8. What do you mean by "commercial use" ?? As far as I understand Defraggler is permitted for personal use and inside corporate organisations but not for resale or profiting. Richard S.
  9. Which folders were the videos stored?? How did check your files i.e. recover and unable to playback?? Have you tried chkdsk yet?? Richard S.
  10. Remember the good old days of home computers before Microsoft was even heard of well my dad bought his ex-work machine many years ago, a Commodore PET 3032 with Dual Floppy Drive and Cassette Drive. And you're probably thinking this PET is great until you try something random like WAIT 6502,x and find out the whole truth. Yes sadly this photo isn't a hoax it's a real easter egg written by Microsoft to prove they wrote BASIC ROM in case Commodore would double cross them. It's also probably unknown to most people but Microsoft was also responsible for providing BASIC for many
  11. Does Speccy show drive S.M.A.R.T status for both computers?? Richard S.
  12. redhawk

    FAT32 vs NTFS

    FAT32 is fine for storing files on an external drive although files sizes are limited to a maximum of 4GB unlike NTFS which is nearly unlimited. NTFS does have some additional features such as file compression, encryption, security permissions and fault tolerance but they're not necessary for an external storage device. Richard S.
  13. redhawk

    Out of memory

    Is there a reason why you're performing Deep Scan instead of performing a regular scan?? How did you lose your files i.e. deleted, vanished or corrupted partition table?? Richard S.
  14. If you're referring to defragging multiple partitions of the same physical hard drive this would be a bad idea. Not only would read / write access be the same as processing each partition sequentially you're putting more stress and strain on the head. Richard S.
  15. Judging by the photos your hard drive appears to be lacking in contiguous free space as shown by the lack of white squares. Try removing junk / temporary files / internet files / cache files (or run CCleaner) / system restore points as well as moving non-essential files to you other drives. If you're using Vista / Windows it is advisable that you exclude "restore point files" from being defragged. Richard S.
  16. How about alternatives to Speecy like SIW does this show the correct GPU information?? Richard S.
  17. Flash is a critical bug I'm getting sick and tired of these bug fixes I'm surprised no one's has created a Flash plugin alternative to Flash yet. Richard S.
  18. I mean change the system clock on your PC to make it appear Office is still within your trial period. Richard S.
  19. If you've got a lot of applications loading at startup I somehow doubt that delay loading CCleaner is going to make any difference. What you really need to do is disable the crap that doesn't require auto starting. Richard S.
  20. Does the roll back the clock trick work (make sure internet is disabled just in case)?? Richard S.
  21. redhawk

    disk wipe

    A disk wipe with what, CCleaner?? As for "cannot be formatted" you cannot format a hard drive from the same hard drive that contains the Operating System. "Verifying DMI pool data" is a BIOS message C drive would appear to be corrupted or contains no Operating System without this you're stuck at the Power On Self Test (POST) screen. Could you explain why your friend performed a drive wipe and attempted to format his C drive as well?? Is your friend is trying to re-install his Operating System, if it's XP is his hard drive SATA or IDE?? Richard S.
  22. CCleaner detection for errors is clumsy and somewhat confusing at best so either you ignore the errors or stop using CCleaner. The keys return because you're obviously running an application which creates these keys back again. Richard S.
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