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  1. It seems bizarre that a tablet computer with pretty decent hardware should be dropped especially when there is still a market for such devices. I can understand WebOS being a dead-end OS so why don't they switch to Android instead?? Richard S.
  2. redhawk

    Specca reports

    It's always good to get a second opinion with programs like SpeedFan because there has been reports that Speccy temperature readings can be inaccurate. What readings are you getting now?? Richard S.
  3. A slow hard drive usually indicates faulty hardware (bad sectors) although it can be malware related. Given the fact your computer won't boot anymore I think it's safe to assume your hard drive has problems. If you really want to re-install Windows onto this hard drive you must first scan and fix all bad sectors. For this I would recommend you use a freeware utility called MHDD. When you Scan you must make sure "Remap" is set to "ON" otherwise it won't patch faulty sectors. After MHDD has completed Windows should re-install however just how long it last would depend on how bad the h
  4. Some applications create temporary files when they're running so you can't expect this folder to be totally empty. Richard S.
  5. redhawk

    help needed

    There's no such thing as FAT32, NTFS, EXT3, or HPS+ with regards to the CD file system because it was designed to be cross-platform compatible. Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_9660 If you have an ISO file that needs burning to CD then burn it using a Mac (as "image" not as file) which should be no different than burning the same image with a PC or Linux machine. Richard S.
  6. If you try to delete these temporary files do you get "Access Denied" ?? Richard S.
  7. I guess I'm lucky with my ISP then I can't say I've noticed any problems serving web pages everything seems pretty quick to me. Richard S.
  8. redhawk

    help needed

    I'm also a little late on responding to this thread too From the description it does sound like a problem with the file system so I would agree with login123 you should burn and boot Hiren's Boot CD into "Mini XP" mode. Once at the desktop open a DOS Prompt: Start, Run, cmd.exe and enter: chkdsk.exe c: /f If XP still doesn't boot normally then try: chkdsk.exe c: /r @Dennis an ISO is an ISO it doesn't contain an NTFS file system it could however contain a file which itself an image file i.e. VHD, VDI, RAW etc. If all you're doing is downloading a ISO file and burning a C
  9. What utter tripe Windows cache's DNS requests anyway so I hardly think this is going to make any difference. Also what if Google DNS was flooded with requests or everyone on your ISP is using Google you would get a bottlenecking effect and slow access. If you want to speed up your web browsing experience disable anti-virus content filtering and enable HTTP Pipelining in Firefox (multiple http requests served via one connection without open / close / open / close). Richard S.
  10. Piriform tools were never designed to run in this kind of environment so they're likely to crash or not work correctly. Furthermore registry keys you're accessing belong to WinPE / BartPE so running CCleaner or Speecy would be rather pointless. Richard S.
  11. You're not going to zero out pagefile.sys anymore than touching your right elbow with your right hand because it's impossible. Pagefile is exclusively locked and in use by the operating system at all times the only way to clean / delete pagefile.sys is with an offline boot CD i.e. BartPE / Hiren's Mini XP. As for hiberfile.sys this is used for system hibernation if you have no requirements for hibernating your computer then disable it from "Control Panel", "Power Options" and delete the file. Richard S.
  12. Defragging is performed by calling the Windows API library it doesn't matter whether you use Defraggler or any other tool they're all painfully slow due to the way defragging works. When a file is defragged it is moved from one area of a disk to another but unlike file copy which is fast due to the buffering of many clusters defragging is done one cluster at a time. Also if for example a file only has 2 cluster fragments at the end of 1998 contiguous clusters all 2000 clusters will be moved to another location. This is one of the reason I never defrag files over 1GB with only 2 or 3 frag
  13. redhawk

    help needed

    Looking at CCleaner's "Startup" entries it doesn't appear to provide a complete list of auto start entries. This is a good thing because if you disable stuff willy-nilly then you're unlikely to bring down the Operating System. Because of this fact I'm not entirely convinced your booting problem has anything to do with disabled auto starts more like another problem. Have you tried boot option (F8) Safe Mode or use "last known good configuration"?? What happens when you boot Windows exactly, i.e. - My PC beeps 3 times and won't boot the hard drive - Blank screen, I don't see the XP s
  14. vampire bat?? Black suspenders and black stockings like whatever it didn't make up for the awful performance I guess either the voters were blind drunk or the other entries were much worser. Now I need some GW now. Richard S.
  15. and another thing, since the forum got moved I'm sure it used to say how many users were registered on the front page or was I imagining it?? Richard S.
  16. Attack of the Zombie PC's?? oops: I misread that as forum invasion not forum invision duh! Richard S.
  17. and yet again the forum has crashed Richard S.
  18. I want a Mini MacBook Wheel Richard S.
  19. Mobile phones don't need cleaning because there's nothing to really clean apart from maybe your internet files. Besides built-in browsers are perfectly capable of emptying their own cache/history without using 3rd party tools. Richard S.
  20. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PC-CLEANER-REGISTRY-CLEANER-/320747834391 Richard S.
  21. CCleaner "unused file extensions" detection isn't working correctly it's still generating loads of false positives. Richard S.
  22. The web is full of crap and dodgy software so it really doesn't surprise me CCleaner got 0wn3d by hackers. Unfortunately some people aren't street wise enough to spot real from fake and end up spending their money. Richard S.
  23. If mobile devices, digital cameras or mp3 players lack a drive letter when connected to your computer then they're not supported by Recuva or any other recovery software. They use a file transfer protocol similar to ftp, mtp which does not permit direct disk read access an essential requirement for recovering files. Richard S.
  24. redhawk

    wifi problem

    Please try the Live Linux boot CD option this should help determine whether Windows is to blame or the wireless router at the hospital. Richard S.
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