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  1. The point of defragging is to speed up file access however since your hard drive is external the data transfer via USB / Firewire would be slower than a slow down caused by fragmented files. Defrag if you must but the reality is you won't see any speed improvement just additional wear and tear to your hard drive for the sake for making files contiguous. Richard S.
  2. So many Firefox versions, so little time I don't know why people are obsessed with Firefox beta releases it's not like you're forced to install every new version I'm sure Internet Explorer is no different at Microsoft except we (the general public) are not invited to test them out. I guess you could argue IE vs Firefox vs Chrome vs Mozilla till the cows go home I think most people prefer their browsers because they've become accustom to them and reluctant to try new things. I've been using Firefox for many years as an alternative to Internet Explorer (and Netscape before Firefox
  3. When connected at work they can monitor your network activities since you need to connect to their network. At home you're using your own network, however that not to say they're haven't install tracking software or backdoors. The bottom line is if you're doing something naughty or against company policy I wouldn't risk your job over a company laptop. Richard S.
  4. Even if your IP address was exposed exploiting it would be difficulty if you're using Windows XP or higher, running firewall software and or using a NAT router. Furthermore if you're using a corporate network your IP address would likely to be internal and not accessible from the outside Internet. Richard S.
  5. What type of hard drive do you have i.e. SATA, IDE or SCSI?? Richard S.
  6. To clarify what I meant by "genuine XP" I mean not running software in XP compatible mode / emulated because there would be a possibility the issue won't arise. I don't know much about Windows 7 however under Vista if you right click properties over an executable or shortcut there is a compatibility tab to make the application appear it's running from a different version of Windows from XP all the way to NT4 / 98SE. Richard S.
  7. It's an XP only issue, perhaps Defraggler executes code specific to the target Operating System either way it's disappoint that Piriform who take pride in promoting their software ain't paying much attention to bug reports. Could you try running Defraggler.exe in XP compatible mode what happens?? Richard S.
  8. The problem seems to be related to XP since users of Vista or Windows 7 are unaffected (tested with Windows7 PE CD). From my personal point of view it looks like the bracket is curved as it should but there's an additional character overlaying this (obvious someone slipped on the keyboard). As to why XP and not Vista / Windows 7 it's possible Defraggler contains platform optimised code i.e. XP code to run on XP and Vista code to run on Vista etc. Unless Defraggler is tried and tested on a genuine XP machine or via Hiren's Mini XP then I really don't see this bug ever getting fixed. As for
  9. A while ago a UI bug was introduced into Defraggler consisting of few ugly looking wonky left brackets. Despite the issue been raised by many users I am sorry to say the problem still persists in v2.07.346 why hasn't this been fixed yet, will it get fixed soon?? Tested on XP Pro SP2 + SP3 Richard S.
  10. This looks like a very poor attempt at creating a parabolic antenna sadly I doubt you'll get better performance over a beer can it's the wrong shape and dangerous too (sharp metal). Furthermore when dealing with very high frequencies such as 2.4GHz precise measurements and positioning of components becomes highly critical. Poor reception is usually caused by bad antenna design / placement at the receiving end (wifi cards / usb dongles) not the router. Depending on the design and accessibility to the hardware simply soldering a piece of wire to the output approximately 1.25 to 1.5 inches
  11. Hazel just put your clock forward one year and then load the Writer app you'll get the dialog box asking you to buy the software or run in view mode. In view mode you can open files, save files, convert to pdf, cut and paste (oddly enough) but you cannot type on the keyboard or edit the text in the usual way. btw: if you're running Anti-logger you need to set the clock to the correct year and reboot to fix the license problem. Richard S.
  12. The wonky bracket has already been reported, whether it gets fixed is another matter that's 50/50. Richard S.
  13. Why do I get the feeling this video was staged I mean perfect audio even the placement of the camera in relation to the old couple seems too good to be true. Richard S.
  14. No need now Kingsoft Office just got 0wn3d Richard S.
  15. How does your temperature readings look when Speccy runs straight after starting your computer from cold?? Richard S.
  16. My original verdict still stands this software is baitware. Put your date forward a year and it locks the software into view only mode. and yes I have tried typing something in Writer but it doesn't respond to any keys Please edit the topic to say "free trial" it's certainly not free software as implied. Time for a visit to ast*******.b*x.sk Richard S.
  17. If you PC is newish and lacks an AGP slot it's more than certain to have a PCI-Express slot. Richard S.
  18. Denying right click options is a JavaScript trick, it would appear this has been disabled now Richard S.
  19. but does it still work as free with saving capability if you put the clock forward?? Richard S.
  20. I have nearly 500 CD singles and albums in my collection so its safe to say I have a love for music and most genres except opera and country music. As for songs I have too many to choose from however I’ll list a few of my all time favourites as well as some comments: Trance / Dance: Armin Van Buuren Feat. Ray Wilson - Yet Another Day Stuff by Above and beyond and Andy Moor Armin and AAB are probably the best trance / acts of current they also have their own radio shows via di.fm on certain days. Citizen Caned - The Journey (Citizen Caned aka Darren Tate aka DT8 Project aka Jurgen Vri
  21. Is this problem browser dependant?? Richard S.
  22. Well that might explain the missing posts however it doesn't explain why clicking on a post I replied to a while ago isn't accessible. If it was deleted or hidden then why does it still show up on the forum front page?? Richard S.
  23. You will in a moment Btw: is it my imagination or has the "Hardware" section lost a lot of posts?? I noticed something looked odd when on the forum main page I had replied to a post "Specca reports" but won't open when I click on it. Richard S.
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