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  1. CCLEANER download is old file version, 5.13 (new is 5.14) when download. Is wrong
  2. Update information visible, the icon from the system tray, is not changing as it should, configured for one second and yet a few times when I need to see the temperature of the GPU in the system tray informs eg 76ºC when opening the program checks that is 81ºC
  3. I would have option to add the registry keys to be removed or have their values removed ... Eye for another product (which has a similar function to cclean), the (competition name removed), which shows a summary of many cleaned than cclean keys. It would be helpful to remove keys that the user can choose.
  4. Defraggler could be more efficient, is leaving much to be desired. Leaves many files without defragmenting the end of the process, still some spaces that were already occupied by files and defragmented, are empty leaving gaps for new files may fragment in the middle of the unit. I like the product but is making me very unhappy.
  5. When CCLEAN is a temporary file (eg update file in C: \ Windows \ Temp \) or log AGV Antivirus, the program continues to analyze / clean. In the case of logs, the option of ABA programs, and disabled the option of the AGV, resolves, but in case of an update in the background, and not freeze CCLEAN
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