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  1. It's your $MFT that's fragmented unfortunately Defraggler cannot touch this file. I've heard that Sysinternals Contig tool can process $MFT however I've never tried myself yet. Richard S.
  2. Fragmented folders perhaps?? Richard S.
  3. It seems the UK maybe getting a discount with the HP Touchpad - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-14633434 however when I checked Dixons, PC World, Argos and Amazon.co.uk I had no luck. Does anyone know who in the UK is selling them at discount prices?? Richard S.
  4. redhawk

    wifi problem

    A broken connection usually results in weird IP addresses like in this mode you'll find that ipconfig.exe or arp.exe are ineffective. Also your IP department claim they've done nothing to their equipment and yet it would appear your machine is being denied access maybe by mac address or computer name. A few things to try out: - update your Intel wireless drivers via the Toshiba driver site. - open the wifi tray icon and use the "Repair" option - open device manager, disable wifi, enable wifi and rescan networks - open system properties and change your compu
  5. I suspect the reason why you cannot find it is because it's not coloured on the map like pagefile.sys Use the "Search" tab, enable "include non-fragmented files" and search for hyberfil.sys Richard S.
  6. Did you delete restore points?? Richard S.
  7. You haven't configured your router for wireless access yet why should it be working?? p.s. if you still cannot login to your router then please trash it and buy yourself a netgear or linksys wifi router. Richard S.
  8. I don't see this as a problem you can't expect to install software or updates while using CCleaner at the same time that's as bad as copying files to a flash drive and removing it prematurely. Richard S.
  9. Most applications are complied for single core operation only multi-core aware applications can use all available cores to make the above claim they're running at twice the clock speed. So to say a 1.66GHz dual core runs at 3.32GHz is nonsense it depends on the Operating System and the application you're using. Richard S.
  10. According to Intel Turbo Boost Technology adjusts the CPU timing of all cores depending on it's demand. So basically your CPU normally runs at 2.30GHz however when in demand i.e. running Adobe Flash the CPU may operate at 3.40GHz Richard S.
  11. To start with netbook processors are not very quick and more or less comparable to a Pentium III CPU. As for 64bit processors I don't believe they run faster than 32bit however they do have the advantage of address more than 4GB of RAM. If you have no intention of upgrading your RAM to 4GB or above than I would suggest you stick with a 32bit Operating System for better driver support and software compatibility. Picking the right Operating System depends your requrements, if its casual browsing and watching YouTube videos then XP is all you really need. However if you're feeling a little
  12. Are you sure this deal is real?? it sounds too good to be true just like the "Win an iPad2" scam that's been filling my inbox. As for Android OS anything's possible after all the iPhone got PWN3D I don't see any reason the HP can't be hacked as well. Richard S.
  13. There's nothing wrong with the information Speecy appears to have sorted the information by drive letter rather than partition order. Richard S.
  14. Nice outage did someone run CCleaner on the server machine?? Obviously some kind of database error I guess the only fix was a roll back which ultimately meant losing a few recent posts. btw: is it my imagination or has the site favicon changed? Richard S.
  15. Thanks for the advice but I really only want to know if anyone else had similar experiences with the BBC iPlayer. As for my computer and internet they check out so I'm coming to the conclusion it's probably a bandwidth issue at the BBC or my ISP. Normally I don't have a problem watching iPlayer content via crappy Flash but when it does acts up again the download and VLC Player method never fails. Richard S.
  16. To login to your router use and use the password combinations I had mentioned above in this page. Once you're inside look for wireless options and enable it as well as enabling WPA/WPA2 PSK encryption to prevent spying and unauthorised access. This video might be of some help (note his gateway IP is but your gateway is He also selected WEP encryption but you should use WPA pre-shared key instead for better protection. Richard S.
  17. As I explained earlier if you want to defrag files and lack free space to perform defragging then move the file from memory card to PC (defrag "free space") and move back to memory card. btw: what Class rating is your SD (there should be a number inside a circle i.e. 2, 4, 6)?? Richard S.
  18. and I'll ask it again, which 3000 problems has CCleaner detected?? The reason for this is because CCleaner is known for false reporting of unused file types and probably with other things too. So although you have been fixing them with CCleaner it's possible Vista has been restoring the original keys for some reason. Richard S.
  19. How does SpeedFan temperature readings compare against Speecy and your mobo tools?? Richard S.
  20. Although it may appear that CCleaner was connected to your " 1962 : no operating system found press F1 to repeat bootsequence" error message I believe this is more hardware related. If you open Event Viewer (start, run eventvwr.exe) do you see any "Disk" error events in the System logs?? Richard S.
  21. This has happened on more than one occasion but nevertheless it's very annoying. When I'm watching an iPlayer clip it seems to be having a weird buffering problem and skips backwards a few seconds starts playing the audio twice but at a different interval. If I pause the video the other audio stream carries on playing and eventually stops. Sometimes when watching a video it starts doing the animated buffering sequence on top even though the video is still playing in the background. Has anyone else noticed this lately?? Richard S.
  22. It's interesting you should mention BSOD, do you remember what the STOP Code was or do you still have the crash dumps ( c:\windows\minidump )?? Richard S.
  23. Is there a reason why you need to keep files stored on the memory card, surely you would be better off saving them elsewhere and formatting it. Richard S.
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