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  1. Is this problem browser dependant?? Richard S.
  2. But what exactly are you trying to clean?? Unfortunately if files and registry keys do not belong to CCleaner then any action it performs will automatically trigger a UAC request. Richard S.
  3. Under Windows XP applications could do pretty much what they like, under Vista / Windows 7 this has changed because user accounts are no longer administrator accounts. For CCleaner to be able to delete files or modify registry keys belonging to other applications it must be granted elevated privileges (administrator rights) with UAC. Richard S.
  4. Perhaps this might help?? - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-vista/Turn-User-Account-Control-on-or-off Richard S.
  5. Piriform tools have an opt-out option, if you've made a mistake by not unticking just open Control Panel, "Add or Remove Programs" and uninstall. Richard S.
  6. Defragger has the following for freespace: "defrag freespace" and "defrag freespace (allow fragmentation)". Defrag freespace moves all files to the start of the disk in contiguous blocks therefore this option should satisfy his request. As for Defrag freespace (allow fragmentation) this moves files but breaks them into fragments (as indicated in the title). Richard S.
  7. That's what defrag freespace does to your files. Richard S.
  8. You're correct the reg keys only work for XP 32bit and not Vista / Windows 7 so you'll have to wait for a Recuva update. As for accessing file via XP i.e. Bart PE, Hiren's Mini XP, you should be able to do this on any NTFS formatted drive even Windows 7 because NTFS is backwards compatible (file access). Since Recuva recovers files by low level disk reads it doesn't matter what OS it runs on just as long as it has full read access to your drive. The only thing that could cause problems is if you're using Windows 7 disk compression or bitlocker encryption since they're not supported in Windo
  9. Download and burn Hiren's Boot CD Boot into Mini XP Run InstallHWPnP (it enables hot plugging USB devices) Run Recuva and save your files to USB flash drive. Richard S.
  10. I suspect the registry keys do not work for 64bit windows because of references to shell32.dll and not shell64.dll Without access to 64bit Windows it's not possible to fix, you could however use Hiren's Boot CD "Mini XP" which is a bootable copy of 32bit XP. The beauty of Mini XP is you have a workable Windows Explorer shell with support for networking and hot swapping USB flash drives. Also if I recall correctly you do not need to patch the registry because it already has the correct registry entries for Recuva to work. Richard S.
  11. Slow file transfer with high CPU usage / interrupts could indicate the IDE controller is operating in PIO mode (not DMA) or the hard drive is pending failure. Check your drive's SMART status using Speccy (or HD Tune) and see if anything looks suspicious i.e. Reallocated Sector Count > 0. Richard S.
  12. System Safety Monitor 2.4 (HIPS) Richard S.
  13. redhawk


    My laptop came preinstalled with OneNote 2003, needless to say it didn't last long on my hard drive. I tried but hated OneNote so I replaced it with Office 97 Pro + Microsoft Filter Pack (for Office 2007 compatibility). Richard S.
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