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  1. Another new update and the same user interface people have been complaining about since it arrived. No choice of other designs (yet); and a strangely hostile attitude on the part of the moderators toward criticism. I suspect the folks at Piriform realize their mistake in offering only the new flat, ugly GUI with no alternatives but are too stubborn to admit it.
  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't like the look of the new CCleaner. I downloaded it the first day it became available and made my criticisms known in another thread. But I wasn't sure that anybody else cared, and I thought maybe everyone else liked it. I guess not. Maybe the flat, blocky look fits in more with Windows 8, I don't know. I do know that I dislike the look of Windows 8 (I don't have a touch screen monitor, and I use Windows 7), and I dislike the look of new CCleaner as well. The new interface is not only hard on the eyes, it's actually harder to navigate. Because nothing is outlined as sharply, things on the screen are no longer so clear-cut and easy to identify. In fact, this new GUI reminds me of something out of the 1950's. Remember when animated cartoons lost their detail and dimension in the Fifties and started looking cheap and "modern"? (OK, the studios were losing money on their cartoons by then and WERE trying to make them more cheaply, and it looked it.) Well, that's the way the new CCleaner looks to me: cheap and ugly. I suggest that either Piriform redesign the GUI or at least give users a chance to choose the design they want.
  3. Personally, I find the new Ver. ugly beyond belief. The square, boxy, colorfully showy design looks to me like something out of a 1950's living room. Without a little more contrast and outlining, I find the new interface harder to read, too. Since the new interface is the only thing I see that's different about this update, I have to ask "Why?" Were users really clamoring for new colors and design? I wish programmers would stop messing with things that are already working fine and concentrate on improving the mechanics of a product. But who am I to complain? I use the free version, and it's still probably the best free program on the Internet, short of Google Chrome.
  4. Thanks. Upgraded to version 3.11.1550, and CCleaner is now back to reporting details on the recycle bin.
  5. No, no particular reason for not converting the second drive to NTFS except that neither my wife nor I has seen any reason to do it. It's just a small drive with a few document files on it.
  6. My XP machine uses FAT32, but my wife's computer uses FAT32 on one drive and NTFS on the other. Both machines have the latest Microsoft Windows XP Service Packs. On both machines, CCleaner fails to list recycle bin details.
  7. There isn't even an entry for the recycle bin I can see in the clean-up lists. In all past versions of CCleaner (and both my wife and I have been using the program for as many years as the company has made it available, meaning many years), you could see the recycle bin entry, whether CCleaner just cleaned it up or in the analysis beforehand. Now, there is no mention of the recycle bin anywhere (except the check box to clean it or not), before or after clean-up, and no listings anywhere of what's been cleaned (or will be cleaned). And this happens whether I've checked the advanced, expanded details or not.
  8. Regarding version 3.11.1541 and using Windows XP Home, CCleaner fails to report the details of cleaning the recycle bin. It cleans the recycle bin fine; it just doesn't list anything having been cleaned. Even analyzing the scan beforehand, it doesn't list anything in the recycle bin, even though a check of the recycle bin shows numerous items there. So, CCleaner is working with the XP recycle bin, cleaning it as usual, but it's not reporting anything as it should. I tested this with my wife's computer as well. Same thing; she uses XP Professional with CCleaner, and, again, the new version of CCleaner fails to list anything in the recycle bin (even though it may have many items in it), before or after cleaning it. Then it cleans it up perfectly but doesn't list what it deleted. So it's not just my computer. Ver. 3.11.1541 is misbehaving in exactly the same way on two very different computers.
  9. Similar problem with 3.11.1541, using Window XP: The new program empties my recycle bin fine, but it doesn't actually show the files having been deleted as the older versions did. In other words, it doesn't list the files deleted or the sizes deleted, even though it deleted them. It does this whether I have checked expanded details or not.
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