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  1. Alan_B: Thanks for the info. I did download the free version of Revo but when I hit the button to place it in "Hunter Mode" it simply disappears from the screen and there is a small icon in the lower right-hand corner of my icon bar. When I right-click that icon, it only gives me the option to exit or resore to full screen. I'm not sure how to "hunt" for the old remnants of the Office Prof 2010 ... any advice? ----- RedHawk: I'm not sure what you mean by the "Roll Back The Clock" Trick. Sorry, like I stated before, I'm not very technical.
  2. I'm not a very technical person so I apologize in advance if I tend to use the wrong or generic terms ... in May I downloaded a trial version of MS Office Professional 2010 on my laptop. When the trial period ended in July, my roommate used CCleaner to uninstall all compents of the trial software, and then he reinstalled another version of the MS Office Profesisonal 2010. Well, the trial period has now come to an end so I attempted to use CCleaner to uninstall MS Office Prof 2010 just like my roommate had. He has since moved out and I can not get a hold of him. I used CCleaner but apparent
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