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  1. I think you just hit the spot.. They have to make money..
  2. Also I have 4 sata controllers in my system... just sayin..
  3. Hi, since my windows thought it would be a good idea to not defragment my C: drive by default, it ended up 91% filled and 68% fragmented. Now I let the windows defrag run, it failed at 73% consolidation (just something like 20 kb/s IO). Then I decided to let defraggler handle it. It told me that there was 65% fragmentation in like 3.5 million fragments. (9% free space) it warned me that it would not be able to do it's job because I had less than 5% (!) freespace. Now here is the case it constantly uses 13 percent CPU (one core out of 8 HT cores on i7 @ 4Ghz), at first it raced like 60 MB/s IO in the harddrive. But after like 5 days it stops at 36% at like 100 kb/s IO, so i stop it and re defrag and it races for some time (now shorter) with in 30 mins again failing... Now i moved some stuff to our home server so now only 1.0 million fragments left. and like 30% freespace. Now 2 more days of defragging and then i enabled my /debug3 switch (log linked at the end (250MB)), and the same happened again. now a total of near 9 days (9 times 24 hours) i'm at 51k fragments in 1300 files 190 GB (after I started the windows defrag this morning (it raced, but failed on consolidating..) (7 hours ago)) defraggler now reports 17% fragmentation. If it really needs more cpu power then let it use all my cpu.. or even half of it. Screenshots: First: http://erayan.eu/jing/wut.png (someone can't calculate here?) Some time later: http://erayan.eu/jing/lawl3.png After 8 days of defraggler defrag and removing lots of data (so it like cheating 2 million fragments): http://erayan.eu/jing/omahgawd.png Current (after 9+ days of defraggler and 7 hours of windows defrag): http://erayan.eu/jin...rrentdefrag.png (something is wrong) EDIT: ok wrong tab on the screen shot for "bron controle" but it currently uses like 567345 b/s (varying) Log: (12+ hours or something, so plenty of stuff I guess): Defraggler64.exe.[2_5_315][2011-06-08_23-13] Log about 2 hours of defragging inclusive scan for error ("no BIG (?) problems found") Defraggler64.exe.[2_5_315][2011-06-09_20-50] EraYaN PS this post is probably full of spelling errors, but well... I just didn't feel like it. EDIT2: it happend again... it stopped completely, i will start in debug mode again... EDIT3: added extra log file
  4. Well this happens in all applications that use windows dialogboxes (MessageBox), instead of their own forms.
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