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  1. 4 last 9 days my PC turn off only two times after defrag the HDD. But last to days i try defrag my third HDD, but can't defrag to 0%. And start again and again.... My hdd have 465.8 GBfull size (83%), free 81.4 GB (17%); fragmented 162,1 GB (62 fragmented files, 726 total fragments, 5% fragmentation), how this can be? + How I can finnally defrag all 162.1 GB? Or I must after defragmentaion start evety time again?
  2. Hello, My suggestion: 1. Add time, like we can see approximate time before finish 2. At this moment we have two PRIORITY options: normal & background (exaly I don't have any diffirent beetween), so maybe need add options like HIGH? To really be aggressive to system like example: RAM more usage (not 200-300mb like now) + CPU load ( at this moment 3-12%) 50% to make defraggler work more better & more faster.
  3. Just Install new version 2.06 &t uncheck the box=) So WIN7 work & Defraggler work too
  4. Just today I look on some topic about new version already out! Why u don't infrom u followers? I think u must read something like; new version of ccleaner/defraggler....out
  5. Yep 1 day left (~25-26 hours non stop work), 73% on the way=) And 25% complete....I think I need 2 or 3 days non stop work more
  6. Thx 4 answer, I understand Last few days I try defrag with native win7 app/prog...but with u app/prof Defragler resut more & much better! Really good * must have programm P.S. Right now try defrag one of my old hdd (500GB), analys say 93% frag , I think i need wait few days before defrag finifshed work with this hdd;)
  7. Hi, Just start used u programm=) My main HDD work good, I made qucik defrag, next defrag and before this I just 13% free space...and 25% defrag. After I have 5% defrag (all 5% it's my virual memory) . But with other drivers I have problem I have 500GB HDD and I have 8, 9 % free space and in defragmintaion I received something like U don'y have enough free space ? So how much defraggler need free space on HDD to finish work right?
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