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  1. Good point, thanks. I updated the code in my original post.
  2. Sounds great. I simplified my original posting of the code, to show just the code as revised by you and Metalj (and crediting you both), since it's so much better than my original code anyway, and this way people won't need to read through the whole thread.
  3. I did submit it a couple days ago, but it was my original code without your/metalj's changes. I guess I'll submit it again now.
  4. Awesome metalj, I didn't know you could enter a custom section name. They should put that in the docs, unless its there and I missed it. Now Iron comes up basically like other browsers would.
  5. Good idea. I've added that to the post above.
  6. Code updated - I've added a line to the code in my post above: "FileKey8=%LocalAppData%\Chromium\User Data\Default|Web Data" This will clear Iron's saved suggestions for form input. Enjoy
  7. This post contains everything you need to add Iron support to CCleaner. There's no need to read through the entire thread (unless you feel like it). The code in this post has been edited to include all discussed changes and additions found later in the thread. To add Iron support to CCleaner, copy the code below and paste it onto the end of Winapp2.ini. Save the file and start (or restart) CCleaner. Then look for "SRWare Iron" in the "Applications" tab, at the end of the application list. (Winapp2.ini is a file you can download from this forum that supports the cleaning of
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