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  1. I had thought of that and added a rider about different countries. Still it would explain the wording of the error as 'an invalid combination' and is a simple thing to try.
  2. The others may have missed something in your screenshot. I think it's because you have the date format wrong. (Unless there are different installer settings for different countries?) Looking at the example given with my CCleaner (admittedly Free) it should be day/month/year - so yours should be 18/07/2018. From your screenshot it looks like you are trying to set it to the seventh day of the 18th month, and obviously there is no 18th month.
  3. That sounds like a Firefox 'new tab' setting. I would check your Firefox options. And check if any of your FF extensions change new tab behaviour. If you need to you can 'refresh' Firefox, to reset the settings But take note of what that does and backup your bookmarks etc. first.
  4. You can't set CCleaner to run on shutdown, but there are 2 similar options, either of which may do what you want. In Options>settings you can set CCleaner to "Run when the computer starts" - so when you boot again after a shutdown it will clean the cookies and other files. or In Options>Advanced you can set CCleaner to "Shutdown after cleaning" - so when you run CCleaner it will shutdown the computer once it's finished cleaning.
  5. CCleaner is a temporary file cleaner. The name tells you it is a cleaner. It is not an Antivirus/antimalware/antispyware. There are plenty of those in the google playstore, pick one and install it.
  6. Mta means in CCleaner. Before you clean anything then right click it and then click 'Analyze Temporary files' in the pop-up menu. That will show you how many files are there waiting to be cleaned.
  7. I'm sure you have done your own searching on what could be causing these volsnap errors. It does/did seem to be a common problem with these errors removing all restore points. Dual booting systems seemed particularly prone to it. This thread suggests that a defrag could be doing it: (His particular defragger was Auslogics, but some of the later threads suggest that Windows own defragger can also cause it). https://www.dell.com/community/Virus-Spyware/Warning-Disk-Deframenters-can-quot-ruin-quot-System-Restore/td-p/4474855 That also suggests that any process moving lots of data
  8. Just to add to that: In the past I found that analyze/clean of Internet Explorer was taking a long time. As I hardly ever use Edge or Internet Explorer I just told CCleaner to stop looking at them. I have everything unticked for Edge and Internet Explorer - except for 'Temporary Internet Files' because other Microsoft applications use that as well. (There is always one cookie in Internet Explorer cookies as well, but I just ignore that because it just come back if you clean it). If you want to double check after a week or so then you can right click on each of the ones yo
  9. Could you elaborate a bit? Is CC slow to launch, slow to analyze/clean, or something else? If it's slow to analyze/clean then it shhold be noticable what it is cleaning when it's taking the time. (Usually its Internet Explorer).
  10. Of course a side effect of this constant evolution is that smaller software companies and 'one-man-bands' can't keep up, so will just give up. Which in the end stifles innovation. When you look at it most of the current big software companies started out this way, Microsoft itself started with just 2 people, Paul Allen & Bill Gates.
  11. I think he wants CC to just close open browsers without asking the user. Maybe a settings option and a 'Don't ask this question again' checkbox?
  12. sethm1, No you do not need to have the RPLifeInterval registry key. I don't have one as said above. If you don't have one then Windows will just use the system default. I also don't have the ErrorReportFiles or the Volatile that you show in your screenshot. (Maybe because I have had no errors?) Neither do I have anywhere near that many entries (I have Firstrun, LastIndex, LastMainenanceTaskRunTimeStamp, RPSessionInterval, & SRInitDone). Obviously our systems have been setup differently, is your Home or Pro? I wouldn't mess unless you know what put them there in the first pla
  13. Just posted at Malwarebytes, no further details on just what the "compatibility" enhancements are though. https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/229458-ladies-and-gentlemen-malwarebytes-35/?tab=comments#comment-1255618
  14. You may already have done this but- Have you checked your registry to see if there has been a "RPLifeInterval" key created? (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore) If it has been created then it sets the 'age' at which a RP will be removed, the time value is in seconds. I don't have one so will be using the system default.
  15. It works fine for me on Windows 10. But PC stands for Personal Computer and we all have them set up with our own personal programmes and settings (and maybe a few tweaks) so what works OK on one can give issues for others. Something as simple as which browser you use can make a diference. eg. Chrome users seem to be having a lot of problems with recent CCleaner versions, whereas IE, Edge, and Firefox users are not seeing the same problems. But that's not to say that Chrome is bad, one of the others may start having different problems in future that don't affect Chrome. Recen
  16. CCleaner will do the biggest job of finding the duplicate files, saving you the time of comparing every every file in every directory yourself. That would take you days if not months. But once it has found the duplicates only you can decide which is the one you want to keep. And of course some will be system files, backups, etc. that should not be deleted. I like the idea that maybe there should be a quick settings option to only to scan the user directories, /pictures, /documents, /videos, etc. and leave everything 'system' alone. (But some people do save files in strange pl
  17. I said I'd keep an eye on those RP's and the ones that I created the other day. The oldest one of the 5 just got removed. The other 4 are still there. It happened sometime this evening (about midnight?), 27 or 28 days after it had been created. This suggests to me that it was Windows 10 that removed it after it became a 'month' old. So my next oldest should dissapear in about 12 days? I believe that the Windows default for removing old RP's was 90 days. But maybe that has been reduced with Windows 10 Home because it does 'forced' Updates every Patch Tuesday? It possib
  18. Does sound like that Russian software house who has 'recovery' applications for any kind of file you can think of, which don't work of course. Big users of setup spam, used to frequently ban them from a different forum. The above username also fits one of their regular auto generated patterns.
  19. Looks like progress. That's the problem with troubleshooting things like this, it takes time. To be sure you have to change only one thing at once then wait (24 hrs, a week?) to see what happens and be sure that one was the cause or not. Then change the next one and wait..........
  20. I've only had this once, and I was installing different versions of CC in a short time to do some testing so may have missed unchecking one. What I found then was that Avast did not install itself. There was a second stage. It put a tempting orange icon on the desktop that if clicked on would run the installer. (I didn't click on it to run, only right clicked to check it's properties). It created a startup task that would run the installer at the next boot or restart. (I didn't do that either). And it made a folder where the installer and other files were stored. (If I remember
  21. TBH I suspect that this is one of those ocassional issues that crops up and then disappears again without anyone knowing (or admitting) why. Most of the time it's something Microsoft, but it could be something that MS has changed and programme devs have not caught up with yet.
  22. And the 'Summer Sale' pop-up is back on my laptop today. I haven't changed any setting in either CC or Windows. I did make a couple of manual Restore Points yesterday, and updated Firefox to v61 (which crashed and had to repair itself), but I don't see those being relevent. I also ran scans with both Windows Defender and MB3.5, but again don't see why that should change anything.
  23. I'll second that. I like CC, I have commented negatively and started a couple of negative threads recently. It's customer feedback. Sometimes I get an answer I like, sometimes not. If any one of my criticisms had been removed/deleted then I would not still be here. This is a user forum, all users have varied tolerance levels.
  24. Oh well, at least it's ruled it out as a possible cause. I've just checked, both in CC and in Windows, and I also currently only have 2 restore points, although one is almost a month old. (From when I uninstalled and reinstalled my word processor). EDIT- I decided to try some testing so made 3 new restore points by different methods. One by a script I have, one by running JRT (which creates one automatically), and one through Windows. All 3 were created sucessfully, giving me a total of 5 RP's. To try and roughly recreate what had been said above: I ran CClea
  25. That cookie has already been mentioned in various posts above. https://forum.piriform.com/topic/52098-intrusive-ccleaner-pop-up/?tab=comments#comment-296953 It is in fact 'whitelisted' by default so that CCleaner does not remove it. (You can 'force delete' it, but that's pointless because it just comes back). There is no need to move it into 'Cookies to Keep', it will remain anyway. Try it and see - open CC and look at the 'Cookies on Computer' then run a clean and look at 'Cookies on Computer' again, you'll see that particular one still remains. If you look closer you wi
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