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  1. Realized after last Ccleaner driver update, I no longer have touchpad functionality. I see others went through the same thing. Starting to feel Ccleaner might be a trouble maker. Now what am I going to do to restore touchpad?
  2. OK. Will try adding Malwarebytes and see if it makes any difference. Thanks again for the help.
  3. Nukecad, Thanks for the info. I am using Windows 10 and Firefox as browser. I had a well known anti-virus but it was interfering so much with routine functions that I dumped it. I rely on Windows Defender now. I thought it odd too when I saw 9K or 8K trackers found by Ccleaner, and then after running the cleaner, it shows 9 or 8 trackers removed. Now I'm wondering if there actually was 9,000 trackers to start with. This has happened quite often, and always the same pattern: Heart-stopping number of trackers reported (8753, 9756, etc.), but then being results state: Ccleaner removed 8 or 9 trackers. Maybe the number being reported by Cc is exaggerated somehow. 8 or 9 trackers would seem more likely, but who knows? Thanks again for your help.
  4. I have the most current version of Ccleaner but when I run the health check, I see it find 9872 trackers. When the cleaning is done, it says it has removed 8 trackers. Why is there such a big difference in the numbers?
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