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  1. Hi Nurgal, Nukecad and Trium This v 5.64 does have a Smart Cleaning... yes .. so, once reconfigured,there's no need to close it manually at the task manager table, every time I boot the system -Xp the best by the way, the most complete,reliable with acces to put hands on low programming-. so it will be great when apps like the great ccleaner, realizes it is good to update it for Xp too. Thank you a lot.
  2. From 51k to 59k .. today 60k . Products updates disabled. IT would be a good saving if not started by windows booting and still worked for cleaning trackers and junk manually opened.
  3. Thanks a lot Nukecad and Nergal. Am little slow. I have no idea of what ''updates' are about (if it is about the whole CCleaner app .. I am using the last version for Xp) I turn it off so to be able to set off 'smart cleaning. What are the implications of smart monitoring setting it off. I use the internet for news, youtube and want to get rid off trackers frequently, because the pc slows down and the only way I find to exit internet is CCleaner and erase trackers. So, if for the former purposes, if smart cleaning off does not become a problem to detect and erase trackers I would certainly put it off and perhaps I could procede manually if needed, and also to manage different types off cookies. All that for memory and running better the laptop. Ram memory 1.4 GB. I send you an image of ''CCleaner options-cookies '' tab, for if it helped. Thank you once again.
  4. At booting the system (Xp) CClenaer gets started along and it consumes ever growing memory, so I just want it to get started just and only at the moment when I call it to analyse the browser, clean it and close all of program dealing with CCleaner. Is that possible ... so I don't uninstallit and reinstall it every session. Thank you so much in advance
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