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  1. Thanks for trying to help, Nukecad ! Your theory is interesting and refreshing... Could you explain a little bit more ? To being able to search what you are talking about, i need to have a better understanding ... How can Facebook or email open a browser when it gets a message? Where could it be in their settings? Under which section? What kind of "services" is it supposed to serve ? Thanks a lot, i appreciate, really! (Excuse my english, i am a french speaker...) Isa
  2. Hi everyone! As said in title, my CCleaner Browser keeps opening by itself. It does it many times a day. In case it is relevant, I have Windows 10 (20H2). By opening itself, i mean: the browser litterally opens its plain window, just like if i had press on its button in my task bar. I am not talking about the CCleaning app, or its notifications. i talk about the real app "CCleaner Browser" opening its window by itself. => Why it is a problem ? a) When i work into my documents, i feel it disturbing to have to close it, many times a day. b) I don't like the fact that an
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